Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Drunk on Foolish Pleasures: The Serendipity of Shelved Movies

by JB
Like the toys in Toy Story, the discs in my movie collection talk to each other when no one is around…

Sometimes I sit in my office for days, trying to come up with an idea to write about. Fortunately, that’s where I keep my DVD and Blu-ray collections, so I never feel lonely.

The other day while staring lovingly at my perfectly alphabetized (otherwise--HOW COULD I SLEEP?) rows of DVDs and Blu-rays, I began to notice weird pairings of films standing next to each other in the stacks. Friends, I would like to share with you now the weirdest and worst (that is, BEST) “alphabetical double features” in my collection:
Bad Lieutenant and Bambi

Bound and Bowfinger

Bowling for Columbine and Boys Town

Casablanca and Casa De Mi Padre

Dick Van Dyke Show and Die Hard

Drive and Dumbo

Easy Rider and Edison, The Man

Fall of the House of Usher and Faster, Pussycat—Kill Kill!

Frozen and Full Metal Jacket

Hairspray and Halloween

Hellraiser and Help!

Idiocracy and I Drink Your Blood (It's got electrolytes!)

Jaws and Jesus Christ Superstar (Just when you thought it was safe to walk on the water….)

Or, looking just a little to the right on the shelf…

Jesus Christ Superstar and JFK (Two charismatic young leaders, both cut down in their primes!)

The Little Mermaid and Lolita

Mandingo and Manhattan

Midnight in Paris and Midnight Meat Train

Night of the Lepus and The Odd Couple
The People Versus Larry Flynt and Peter Pan

Psycho and Quick Change (Get it?)

Saturday Night Fever and Saving Private Ryan

The Shining and Showgirls

Snakes on a Plane and Snow White and the Seven Dwarves

Taxi Driver and The Ten Commandments

Tootsie and Tough Guys Don’t Dance

Sometimes I’ll take a margarita or eight down to my office with me… for “research purposes.” The last time I did this, two thoughts occurred to me: “Yes, I DO think I am the best judge of how much I have had to drink,” and “What if some of these alphabetical neighbors were actually combined into ONE film?” Here’s what “the Ritas” and I came up with:

All Monsters Attack All That Jazz

The Birds in The Birth of a Nation: “Dear Ma: This war is a terrible thing, but Providence in her Mercy has spared me from death by rebel hand. I have, however, had both of my eyes pecked clean out by a pack of upstart crows.”

The Broadway Melody of Bubba-Ho-Tep

Cruising the Crying Game: “That’s a MAN, baby!”

Death of Salesman: De-Lovely!

Dillinger Diner

The Dirty Dozen: District 9

The Doors in Do The Right Thing: ”Come on, Mookie, light my fire…”

Elvis: The Enforcer: Nixon gave him a badge… the STREETS gave him a reason!
The Great Gatsby (Meets) Gremlins: “In my younger and more vulnerable years my father gave me some advice that I’ve been turning over in my mind ever since: do not expose them to bright light, do not feed them after midnight, and never get them wet.”
It’s The Great Pumpkin, Jackie Brown

Killer Klowns from Outer Space Killing Them Softly
Mars Attacks Mary Poppins

The Mummy: My Favorite Year

Once… Upon a Time in the West: Two musicians fall in love amidst the tumult of shoot-outs, stampedes, and land grabs.

Popeye: The President’s Analyst

Ratatouille: the Re-Animator

Sideways Silence of the Lambs (“I ate his liver with fava beans and a nice Pinot Noir.”)

Strangers on a Train Stop Making Sense

Swamp Thing Meets The Swimmer

You Can’t Take It With You, Young Mr. Lincoln

F-Heads, take a look at your stacks—what are your favorite “serendipitous double features?”


  1. Do the Right Thing, Dr. Strangelove: or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Riot

  2. I would watch the hell out of It’s The Great Pumpkin, Jackie Brown

    Does Ratatouille not have a weird Re-Animator vibe already?

  3. By the by, my movie shelves are organized by release date. It looks better to me than an alphabetized ordering.

  4. The best ive got that look kinda cool together are Night of the demons. Next to Night of the hunter. Next to Night of the creeps. All on good old fashioned Vhs. Kinda cool. I really wanted to stick my Dark night of the Scarecrow with them. But that would be cheating

  5. Maybe you could watch all four movies one NIGHT?

    1. Yeah. Would be some interesting viewing. But im trying to not watch too much horror at the moment. Im saving up for horror month. All 80s horrors all month. All on video for the pure nostalgia. 3 of them there are on my list of films I like from the 80s and im looking forward to seeing how they hold up. Not seen them in a while. Gotta put some tough films in there too. Final terror. Rawhead rex. Creepazoids. Visiting hours. Q the winged serpent. Madman. Bloody birthday. The last horror film. April fools day.
      I think you get the idea. Its gonna be fun but tough

  6. Bonnie and Clyde: Boogie Nights

    Lawrence of Arabia: The Lego Edition!

    The Se7en Searchers What's in the box? Racism!

    1. I can't believe I missed that first one, but I just discovered it was because my blu-ray of Bonnie and Clyde was mis-alphabetized! Argggggggggggh.

    2. This happened to me when my mum randomly moved my two new arrivals from amazon to the end. Gahh X men: Death Wish 3 - Drug War!

  7. That last one made me laugh and spit Diet Coke. Bravo!
    At last... a game that EVERYONE can play.

  8. Days of Heaven 2: DAYzed and Confused

  9. (500) Days of Summer (With) Twelve Angry Men.

    Anatomy of a Murder (in) Animal House


  10. I guess it's time for a "Robocop" "Sunset Boulevard" double feature.

    "It's got electrolytes" holy shit, that made me laugh so hard.

  11. This is a great idea J.B thank you! Really fun :)
    The woman in black - Talking dirty (Women talking dirty)
    Teacher's Terminator
    Some like it Spartacus
    On a Clear day you can see the west.
    Moulin Mummy.
    Monsoon Monster (Monsoon Wedding & Monster)
    Attack the Atonement
    Perks of being The Phantom of the oprea.
    Bananas Begins. (I am drawing up a super hero as we speak)
    Apocalypto and Old Lace

    Odd double bills: Kill Bill and The King and I. Downfall and Dreamgirls. Deliverance and Desk Set. Bringing up Baby and Brotherhood. Last one: Dirty Dancing and Dirty Harry. Eastwood dancing to Time of my life. That image has made my day... (See what I did there?)

    1. I lol'd at The Perks of Being the Phantom of the Opera!

  12. Inglourious Basterds Inside Llewyn Davis

  13. American Psycho: The Legend of Ron Burgundy

  14. - The 12 Angry 40 Year Old Virgins
    - Barry Lyndon Begins
    - Battle for the Planet of Bean: The Ultimate Disaster Movie
    - Blade Runners of Glory
    - Breakfast at Brazil's
    - Charlie Wilson's Angels: Full Throttle
    - Ed Wood Scissorhands
    - A Fish Called Flash Gordon
    - The Manchurian Mallrats
    - The Man Who Would Be Winnie the Pooh
    - Schindler's School of Rock

    Yes, I own Charlie's Angels: Full Throttle. So sue me.