Friday, October 31, 2014

F This Movie! - The Texas Chainsaw Massacre Franchise

Close out #ScaryMovieMonth with Patrick and Mike as they do their thing on the entire Texas Chainsaw franchise.

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  1. Confession: I mainly wrote that Captain Kirk Halloween review with Mike in mind. I'm glad you appreciated it! I'm also sad that we won't be seeing the sequel "Leather Babies," featuring chainsaw-wielding babies.

    I think it's only 4 movies (5 if you count the remake), but you could do the Psycho series next year. But I think I like the Living Dead franchise idea.

    1. P.S: Thanks for brining it with so much great content this month. It all helped to make this a SMM like no other that has come before it, and the best one yet!

  2. This is my favorite podcast every year, I look forward to it so much. Great job again boys.

  3. Texas Chainsaw 3D is set today - there are mobile phones and modern music; what they've done is bring the events of the original film twenty years forward. There's a brief shot in the movie of a gravestone with the year deliberately blocked by plants or something so they don't directly reference that the events of the original now apparently took place in 1994, but that's the only way it makes sense.

  4. Now I have to change my name to Anderson...

  5. I cant believe you sneaked in a Pretty woman reference into a Texas chainsaw podcast. Brilliant. Made me laugh thinking were all watching a few romcoms this month. Or anything without any fucking death scenes in it, im sure no one dies in Love Actually

    I can see the door slamming in part 1 as being the most iconic and an amazing shot. But In part 2 which I also for some unexplained reason really enjoy that whole first meeting between Stretch and Choptop I could watch over and over and over. Its pure magic to me. And "Get that bitch" has more impact than" Do your thing cuz" Bill moseley is having so much fun in that scene. Me too. Love it

  6. And leatherfaces skin condition. He's wearing Metaclorines. Take a bow. That's fantastic

  7. And Mikes british accent..

    I want that in every podcast your on Mike. F ing brilliant. I hope I actually do sound like that ;)