Monday, January 5, 2015

Erika's 10 Favorite Movies of 2014

by Erika Bromley
My favorite movies of the year include documentaries, a cartoon and Chris Rock.

I keep reading the same thing over and over: 2014 was an excellent year in movies. I see it on Twitter, in newspapers (I like them! So what?!), and all over F This Movie! (and I trust these people!). Maybe I was just busier than ever (true) and could not concentrate the way I used to, but this year felt like a year of waiting to me. I saw a lot of films I liked and a lot that were well-made, but I kept waiting to really feel moved. Changed. Excited. The way I did after seeing Boogie Nights. But everything is subjective, right? And our different life experiences make us react to art in very different ways. I’m sure someone was not moved by Boogie Nights (But who is that person? I don’t want to know that person!).

After looking at my “Everything I Saw This Year” list, it’s true: many great films were released in 2014. I see incredible work (especially in the cinematography field; I feel like I said, “This was so beautifully shot!” weekly).

So here’s my top ten. I’m doing it a little different this year. I’m ranking my 10 favorites and leaving the rest in the “I really liked this!” category:

1. Boyhood

2. The Grand Budapest Hotel
3. Life Itself

4. Snowpiercer

5. Nightcrawler
6. Edge of Tomorrow

7. Guardians of the Galaxy

8. Birdman

9. The Lego Movie
10. Top Five*

A few others I really, really liked: Gone Girl, They Came Together, The Overnighters, Rich Hill, Happy Valley, Still Alice, The Skeleton Twins and Obvious Child.

Still have not seen: Under the Skin, Selma, Rosewater, We Are the Best!

*I know it has many problems. But I laughed a lot and appreciated its voice.


  1. Good Heavens, fthismovie! Don't we all realize Top Tenium is a non-renewable resource? And the Internet's burning through it like there's no tomorrow! In the future, we'll just have to huddle around our campfires, share our annual Top Eight lists, and sing wistful songs of Top Ten days gone by... :P

    (This is gentle joshing. No offense is intended.)

    1. This was almost a Top Eight - but I figured I should round it out! :)

  2. "Rich Hill" premieres tonight at 10PM in "Independent Lens" on most PBS stations (check local listings). Talk about timing. :-)

  3. I love that, in the photos chosen above, Roger Ebert and Rosario Dawson have the same expression.

    1. Hehe. They do too. Brilliant.

      JB is always mentioning how much stuff you pick up on in movies and complimenting you on how insightfull you are. I get the feeling he takes you to movies just to later steal you insights later, (joke)
      But joking aside I bet you would be great on the podcasts, you should join the party ;)

    2. Rog and Ros are laughing at the Robert De Niro impersonations in The Trip to Italy.

    3. LEGO Green Lantern and Gene Siskel have the same expression too.

  4. Dangit, I really need to see The Grand Budapest Hotel. I'm just not usually that big of a Wes Anderson fan, but everyone seems to love this one. I still haven't seen Life Itself either. :-/

  5. Solid picks Erika and I get what you mean - I was someone who declared 2014 a GREAT year for movies but I guess I can't say anything REALLY moved me like, say, Cloud Atlas did last year, so yeah, it may have been a great year for a lot of really good movies, but not a very good year for a lot of GREAT movies.

    Speaking of great movies though I watched Hoop Dreams the other day (with my son - I think he liked it; i.e. he had a poop) which will now always make me think of you - I really LOVE that movie and am forever in your debt for getting me to finally watch it!

    1. Sol, not sure how I missed this comment almost exactly four years ago, but I love it and love that you (and your sweet boy) finally did watch HOOP DREAMS! <3