Thursday, April 26, 2018

Random Thoughts on 2018 Movies (May - June)

by Adam Riske and Alejandra Gonzalez
I hope you like movies because there are movies coming out.

Breaking In

Adam: When Gabrielle Union is your lead and Billy Burke is your villain, you’re not exactly swinging for the fences. This doesn’t look like it’s trying to be anything more than a forgettable Panic Room riff. I’m not gonna see it. I don’t even like Panic Room.

Alejandra: I do like Panic Room and I still probably won’t watch this. I mean, I like Gabrielle Union (even post “don’t be afraid to eat a butt!,” no kink shaming here) but I just feel like I’ve seen this movie a million times. I can’t imagine this one would end any differently or provide anything new. I could be wrong though!

Life of the Party

Alejandra: I only like Melissa McCarthy in Gilmore Girls, beyond that I find her pretty obnoxious and in the same realm as Amy Schumer. Still, this looks like something I’d go to on a night where I’m feeling like watching something mindless. Like, it’s a pretty cute concept and I love Maya Rudolph, so maybe it’ll be worth a few chuckles.

Adam: Outside of Bridesmaids, I can’t think of too many Melissa McCarthy comedies I like either, but this one looks amusing enough based on the trailer. It could be a MoviePass one day if I need a campus comedy fix.

Book Club

Adam: Not in a million years. How are these women just getting hip to Fifty Shades of Grey? This looks like it had the same set dresser as Home Again for sure.

Alejandra: I am somehow all about this despite feeling like it belongs in 2004. I mean LOOK at that poster. I still think a comedy that explores sexuality past a certain age is a super interesting idea, and I can’t wait to see what it has to say about it. I also am excited about the cast, and I think there’s no way imaginable that they wouldn’t work together. This is definitely a “girls night out” movie for me and I will definitely watch this, and on its opening weekend too!

Adam: I’m a little stunned that Morgan Freeman and Alan Arkin aren’t two of the suitors.

Deadpool 2
Alejandra: I am tired, Adam. So tired.

Adam: Haha. The first Deadpool felt like they got away with something. This one might be pushing it one time too many. Snark doesn’t age well. As long as it’s entertaining on opening night, I’m happy. This is such a young man’s franchise.

First Reformed

Adam: I’ll watch most Ethan Hawke movies (I bought Born to be Blue digitally!) so I’m down. The trailer makes this one look fairly interesting too. I tend to like movies about religion where the theology is looked at through a critical (doesn’t have to be negative-critical) perspective.

Alejandra: I completely agree with you about Ethan Hawke, and A24 hardly ever lets me down, but I’m not so sure this is my jam. The trailer alone gave me a weird suffocating sensation because of how neat everything was. I can’t be sure that makes any sense to anyone but myself. I for sure will have no one agree to come watch this with me to make sure I’m still breathing by the end, so I’m not sure about it.

On Chesil Beach

Alejandra: I’m not sure this is something I would watch if SaoRo (how would we even pronounce that?) wasn’t in it, but because she is I pretty much have no choice. I like the way this looks though, and reminds me a little bit of Phantom Thread in that way, except that I hope I like this more than I liked that.

Adam: It’s pronounced like Sauron but you roll the r. I’ll see Saoirse Ronan in anything these days, so I’ll check this out. That being said, as evidence of her film work, she seems like a bad person to be dating or married to. Save the drama for your mama, SaoRo!

Solo: A Star Wars Story
Adam: I’ll see it because it’s Star Wars and I’m excited for Donald Glover, Woody Harrelson and Emilia Clarke, but this movie feels super unnecessary and the look of it is sort of dingy and unappealing to me (like Des Plaines, IL). I hope it’s good. I like Ron Howard more than Lord and Miller (what do they even believe in?), so I’m more excited about Solo now than I was when it was announced. Yeah, I’m that guy.

Alejandra: Most people know I’m not a massive fan of Star Wars, but I do like it enough to be excited about this. I’ll admit I am super stoked to see Donald Glover do his thing (is there such a thing as too much talent?), and I love a good origin story. I also can’t NOT know what the hell everybody is talking about or have all the new twitter memes that are bound to be born from this pass over my head, so I think it’s a required watch.

Action Point

Alejandra: Every time this trailer comes up before a movie, every person I’m with groans and I have to fake scoff along with them, but the truth is that I LOVE the Jackass guys and I think this looks like a fantastic time. I honestly want to watch some Jackass right now just writing this, actually!

Adam: I was a fan of Jackass back in the day and this is a case of absence making the heart grow fonder. I beam every time I see the trailer for this one. It’s like comfort food.


Adam: I’M SHAILENE AWAAAAAY!!!!! In 2014, I would have so been in on this movie. My Woodley eyes have shut since then (first she’s divergent, then she’s insurgent, then she’s allegiant...I can’t keep up) but I might see this because ocean. I like the ocean enough that I might Moviepass Adrift just to look at blue water in nice weather for two hours.

Alejandra: This trailer made me seasick, which may be effective on its part but does nothing for making me want to watch this! Shailene, however, very much does. I usually don’t like desolate ship/island movies, but I’m trying to be more of a “yes” person and I think MoviePass is the perfect tool to help me accomplish that. #NotSponsored


Alejandra: Logan Marshall-Green is worth watching this alone, but also the possibility of this being absolutely freakin’ awesome makes me want to undergo the risk that it might absolutely freakin’ not be.

Adam: This new Leigh Whannell movie could either be awesome like The Raid or insufferable like Hardcore Henry. Please be the former. Tilt! Blumhouse! Tilt!


Adam: I’ve heard a lot of positive buzz about this movie, so my interest is piqued. I’ve also heard that it’s the scariest movie I’ll see all year. If I don’t actually expire from fright while watching it, I’m worried it feel like a letdown. That’s the drag of boutique/A24/ festival horror - it gets built up so much that it has a giant hill to climb when you finally see it. By contrast, Wishmaster was just like “Here. I’m Wishmaster” and people (me) are still talking about it today.

Alejandra: I hate that A24 horror is doomed to the “scariest movie you’ll ever see” curse, and I think it’s to blame for some of the hate The VVitch gets, so I’ve learned to completely ignore those kinds of remarks from people who have already seen it. I know this will be my jam, and I know it’ll effectively freak me out so I don’t even NEED it to be the scariest movie I’ll see all year.

Ocean’s 8
Alejandra: I may get my movie person card revoked for this, but I only just saw Ocean’s Eleven and Ocean’s Twelve like, last month in preparation for this. I have been excited about this movie for a long time because most of my favorite Hollywood ladies are in it. Anne Hathaway (first and foremost), Cate Blanchett, Anne Hathaway, Anne Hathaway, and Sandy B? I could never say no to that, even with all the James Corden.

Adam: I’ll see this for Anne but I don’t like Sandra Bullock, so those cancel each other out. I like Rihanna, but she plays a hacker so that also cancels itself out. I’m very conflicted about Ocean’s 8. Everywhere I look is something I like and something I don’t like.

Hearts Beat Loud

Adam: I’ll see it, but I’m not gonna lie, I get guarded when I see Nick I’m a foot away from a hipster tailspin and I need to hold on. It’s more the kind of movies he’s in than actually him. I’m most excited that it’s a movie with Ted Danson where he’s back running a bar.

Alejandra: I already love this movie based only on the trailer. I just wish it revealed a little less. I am a big fan of when comedians flex their acting muscles in more serious roles, though I don’t think Nick Offerman will be doing the whole “Steve Carell in Little Miss Sunshine” thing with this one. I still hope this makes me cry happy tears, I’m definitely watching it.

Won’t You Be My Neighbor?

Alejandra: I got emotional just reading the title. They actually already screened this in Miami, but I missed it and am KIND OF beating myself up about the whole thing. I think this will be such an important documentary not just about Fred Rogers, but about kindness and love and perpetuating it even in times like the one we’re living in. I think this is probably my most anticipated movie for the next few months, and I can’t wait to watch it.

Adam: This looks tremendous. I vaguely remember watching Mr. Rogers’ Neighborhood in my youth so it will be great to revisit his story through adult eyes. From everything I’ve heard, this is a really good documentary. This is one of my most anticipated movies of the summer too!

Incredibles 2
Adam: I enjoy the tradition of seeing a Pixar movie every summer more than I want to see a sequel to The Incredibles, but the trailer looks fun. I remember back in 2004 a guy I worked with told me he thought his family was a lot like The Incredibles. He then went into detail, person by person, why he thought that. E.G. “My dad is strong so he’s like the dad in The Incredibles.” It was awkward to listen to. P.S. They really nailed that Bob Odenkirk animation in Incredibles 2. It looks just like him!

Alejandra: I mean, I’m excited. I grew up with The Incredibles and it’s still one of my favorite Pixar movies, so if nothing else it will serve as a nostalgic adventure.


Alejandra: I don’t have any opinions formulated yet about this one, but I can probably assume that I won’t be watching because nothing about it besides the Future soundtrack calls out to me. That’s ok! I don’t think it was meant to.

Adam: Now that I see this remake takes place in Atlanta, I’m hoping there’s a shootout at the World of Coca Cola. This looks like Belly. Wait...the “visionary” director named himself “Director X?”


Adam: At first I was like “This is a good cast. It might be funny.” Now (after seeing the trailer before every movie I see in theaters) I’m like “This is stupid. They’re playing “U Can’t Touch This” and the movie is called Tag.” Also, I don’t get the joke at the end of the trailer where Jake Johnson says that only a bitch would drink Hazelnut coffee. Isn’t Hazelnut really popular? I like it. It tastes good. Maybe he’s just a shithead with a dumb opinion. After all, he’s a grown-up playing an elaborate game of tag. Comedies are such a lost art. Who comes up with this shit? Why is Jeremy Renner the Bourne Tagger?

Alejandra: I am SO upset Jon Hamm is in this because now it means I have to watch it. Also Ed Helms and Hannibal Buress, who I feel like I have to support because I saw him live so it’s like we’re friends now! Ok, fine. I’m actually pretty excited about this because I know I’ll laugh because I’m easy.


Alejandra: Scorsese didn’t direct this?

Adam: I’m looking forward to Gotti even though I don’t have much confidence since the director is Kevin Connolly from Entourage. I am always rooting for John Travolta (inexplicably he’s still my second favorite actor after Costner) and mob movies are always watchable even when they’re not very good.

Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom
Adam: A friend on Twitter accurately said “Isn’t this just The Lost World?” My take is as long as Fallen Kingdom is better than that movie it’s a win (but, like, a lot better than The Lost World). I’m past expecting a Jurassic sequel/reboot/spin-off to rise to the original so as long as it’s entertaining, I’m happy. I’m sort of over Chris Pratt right now, though. Passengers turned the tide for me with that guy. Those raptors need to kill him before this series is over. You can’t play with fire like that. Also, Jeff Goldblum better not just be in one scene at a hearing. Don’t you just turn into a little kid all over again every time you see that T-Rex logo?

Alejandra: If Jeff Goldblum is in more than one scene, the movie will be saved for me. But you know what? I didn’t even watch Jurassic World, so what the hell do I know. Speaking to your T-Rex logo question, my Jurassic Park experience was a little different because I hadn’t even been born when the movie was released so I didn’t watch it until a little later in life. I’ll pack my things.

Under the Silver Lake

Alejandra: I feel like I thought this movie was about one thing when I started the trailer and ended it thinking the movie was about something completely different. I can’t tell if that’s a good thing or a bad thing, but I am strangely attracted to this movie and I’m totally in. Plus we all know a guy like Andrew Garfield in this. We all do.

Adam: Andrew Garfield + Riley Keough + good trailer + A24 = I’m in. Mildly. This sort of looks like indie Paper Towns.

Sicario: Day of the Soldado

Adam: You know how sometimes there’s an actor you like but need to be reminded that they’re the best? That was Benicio Del Toro in Sicario for me (he then destroyed that with his Roger Rabbit impression in The Last Jedi, but got it back after a cable rewatch of the underrated The Hunted). Sicario was one of my favorite movies from 2015. I think the sequel looks interesting (like the Logan of Sicario movies) and I’m happy this has evolved, more or less, into an action series instead of a drama about drug cartels. I’ve seen enough of those. P.S. They give away way too much of the plot in the trailer. What were they thinking? And do you think Josh Brolin is acting anymore or just in a state of being?

Alejandra: First of all, I’m upset I didn’t go on this Benicio Del Toro roller coaster with you. The experience would have probably been different for me because I think I love him in everything, so not a roller coaster but like a pleasant lazy river. With Benicio Del Toro in a floaty next to me. I think Sicario is one of the best movies in recent history, and I really believe Day of the Soldado will deliver. I can only hope that we THINK they revealed a lot in the trailer, but that there’s a lot that we don’t see too. What we do know is that you’re right, and this stars Josh Brolin and that he scares me.

Uncle Drew

Alejandra: Absolutely necessary for me to watch this because I have a sneaking suspicion that it will make me laugh until I cry, and it might actually BE good. I just recently revisited Get Out and Lil Rel Howery is one of the funniest people I’ve seen on screen in such a long time so I’m excited! This feels like your jam.

Adam: I can’t believe Uncle Drew is a movie that exists and that makes me want to support it. For whatever reason, I gasped when I saw Chris Webber was going to be in this movie. It was like my subconscious revealing I haven’t changed since 1993. I’m not sure I want this to be good. I think I’ll enjoy it more if it’s kind of bad. I need to see this with Mark or Rob. Lots to unpack here.

Your turn! What are you looking forward to (or not looking forward to) over the next couple of months?


  1. Deadpool 2: I think it fills a nice niche of funny comic book movies, made for adults, that don't take themselves too seriously. It's nice to sully the waters a bit with some crass humor now and again in between the (relatively) serious Marvel Universe.

    Solo: It's Star Wars, I'll see it but it's not the movie I asked for. Ultimately I don't care if Ehrenreich convincing pulls off the role of Han Solo, I'm there for Chewie and Lando. Hopefully it's a fun ride.

    Tag: It seems stupid but the trailer kinda hits me in the gut a little bit regarding adult friendships. My best friends live in Texas, Southern Indiana, and New Mexico so it's a far cry from Chicago. We lived together in college so the part about holding onto a reason to stay in each other's lives hits home.

    Jurassic World: I definitely enjoyed the first one on the first viewing but it didn't last long. I don't know what I want from a Jurassic Park sequel anymore but I don't think it's this. I'll still see it though.

    Ocean's 8: I love Mindy Kaling so I'll see just about anything she's in.

    Incredibles 2: Just the music alone is worth the ticket.

  2. I willingly rented and watched The Jane Austen Book Club by myself and reasonably enjoyed it, and even I think Book Club sounds like the death of 21st-century feminism. It's literally just two-fifths of that movie's title! And to go from Jane Austen to knockoff Twilight fanfic... gross.

  3. -Holy crap, "I'm Shailene Away" is freaking hahahahahhahahaaaa. Like, Im going to sing that every time I see the trailer now. Major lolz.

    -Deadpool 2, good idea to bring along the X-Force crew. Pretty excited about Domino and Cable, even if Brolin, who i love, wasn't my first or fifth choice to play him. But I think they killed it with Zasie Beetz, though. Hopefully.

    -100% with you on Ron Howard over those other two guys. Backdraft 4 life.

    -Action Point trailer kills it with laughs every time it comes on in the theater. At first I was like, oh, Johnny KNoxville in another makeup movie then i was like yep, cant wait for this. I love the "there used to be no rules and everything was dangerous" thing they are doing. In addition to the stunts and crazy hi-jinks, i think the story will carry it along to be very enjoyable throughout.