Thursday, July 5, 2018

Friday Night Double Features Vol. 6

by Adam Riske and Patrick Bromley
“Here’s your f***ing double bills!” – Chuckie from Good Will Hunting

Double Feature 1
Adam: #1: Ghost Dog: Way of the Samurai (2000)
Patrick: #2: Sleepwalkers (1993)
Patrick: Trailers/Shorts: Man’s Best Friend, Cat’s Eye, Black Dog, Seven Deaths in a Cat’s Eye
Patrick: Theme: Dogs & Cats

Patrick: I love both of these movies and would never have thought of pairing them together if not for writing this column. I keep waiting for a Ghost Dog Blu-ray.

Adam: This is amazing. I love the movies, love the theme and love your ability to hold back on programming the trailer for The Revenge of Kitty Galore or whatever that Cats & Dogs sequel was called. Ghost Dog is another example of a movie where I saw the trailer, expected the moon and got the moon.

Double Feature 2
Patrick: #1: Gamer (2009)
Adam: #2: Transporter 2 (2005)
Adam: Trailers/Shorts: What Lies Beneath, Hitch, Dead Silence, Punk’d episode that featured Amber Valletta
Adam: Theme: V for Valletta

Adam: Before today I have had absolutely zero opinion on the film career of Amber Valletta, but now I’m like “Yeah, okay. This could be a fun double feature.” It might be difficult to sell tickets to this one, so we’ll offer free Vallett parking (jumps on grenade).

Patrick: I think this is what I love most about writing this column and coming up with these double features: we wind up pairing movies that I would never think of watching together but always want to immediately watch together once the idea is put in my head. A double feature of Gamer and Transporter 2 sounds like a total blast.

Double Feature 3
Adam: #1: Demon Knight (1995)
Patrick: #2: The Frighteners (1996)
Patrick: Trailers/Shorts: Bordello of Blood, Tales from the Crypt (1972), “Crypt Jam” music video, Ritual, From Dusk Till Dawn, Tales from the Cryptkeeper episode “While the Cat’s Away”
Patrick: Theme: The Cryptkeeper Presents

Patrick: We both love Tales from the Crypt and often find ways to squeeze episodes into these lineups. Why not go all in? Since I don’t feel like revisiting Bordello of Blood, I decided to program what was supposed to be the third TftC movie because I think the two will play well together. And From Dusk Till Dawn was supposed to be another one! Alternate timeline. Biff is my stepdad.

Adam: In my mind, this is an unofficial “Movies Adam Couldn’t Get In To See When He Was Under 17” double feature. I’m very excited about this. I will bring my Demon Knight official movie magazine. Extra points to you for programming an episode of the animated series.

Double Feature 4
Patrick: #1: The Dark Half (1993)
Adam: #2: The Good Son (1993)
Adam Trailers/Shorts: Pet Sematary (1989), Needful Things (1993), The Uninvited (2009), Murder She Wrote highlights, "Great Choice" (aka Red Lobster horror short)
Adam: Theme: Maine-iacs!!

Adam: I didn’t want it to be specifically a Stephen King Maine double feature (seemed too easy) so there’s a little bit of this, a little bit of that.

Patrick: I literally rewatched The Good Son like two days ago and I’d still love this double feature. It’s not very good. Also, who gets to pick the Murder She Wrote highlights? And how much do you want to be something like that already exists on YouTube? The world is a strange and scary place.

Adam: I’m stunned. I cannot find a Murder She sizzle reel on YouTube. You failed, internet.

Double Feature 5
Adam: #1: Judgment Night (1993)
Patrick: #2: Very Bad Things (1998)
Patrick: Trailers/Shorts: Smokin’ Aces, I Melt With You, supermarket scene from Singles, Layin’ Low, probably any episode of Entourage
Patrick: Theme: Jeremy Piven Fucked Up

Patrick: There was a time in my life that I thought Jeremy Piven brought a certain energy and unpredictability to a movie. Now I just think he’s an insufferable douche and don’t want to see him on screen. Maybe it’s the hairpiece? Anyway, both of these movies are from a better Piven Period. And did you ever notice how many times people say “Ray” (his name) in Judgment Night? I haven’t seen it since theaters in ‘93 and that’s still my biggest takeaway.

Adam: My biggest takeaway of Jeremy Piven was when he sang “Take Me Out To the Ballgame” at Wrigley Field one Father’s Day. He started it by saying “C’mon you bunch of bitches” (like his character on Entourage) and the TV broadcast panned the crowd to show a few dads and sons who most likely didn’t get the reference and were pissed. It was good television. I love Judgment Night. I like Very Bad Things, too. I saw that in theaters one night when I couldn’t get into the Psycho remake. Oddly enough, I said “Okay. One for Very Bad Things” as a joke and they were like “$7.50.” THEY WERE BOTH RATED R! IT MADE NO SENSE! The last time I saw the movie was when I curated a Christian Slater DVD marathon with a few friends. They were mad at me after the movie was over.

Double Feature 6
Patrick: #1: You’re Next (2013)
Adam: #2: Suspiria (1977)
Adam: Trailers/Shorts: Night of the Living Dead (1968), Hatchet III (2013), Phantasm (1979), YouTube medley of Flashback Weekend panels and con floor walk videos set to heavy metal music
Adam: Theme: Movies Patrick & Adam saw at the Muvico During Flashback Weekend

Adam: I’m so freakin’ excited for FBW 2018! What movie will get this year’s heralded con bump?

Patrick: You predicted Child’s Play 2, and I think you’re correct. It all depends on how the stars talk in the panel, I guess. I remember that You’re Next screening being really fun, while the Suspiria screening was more like being in church: we were there to worship, not party.

Double Feature 7
Adam: #1: Strictly Business (1991)
Patrick: #2: Fled (1996)
Patrick: Trailers/Shorts: Passenger 57, Black Dog, Tales from the Crypt episode “Two for the Show,” Sounder
Patrick: Theme: Off the Hooks

Patrick: Kevin Hooks has directed a ton of TV over the last 20 years, but most of them have been hour-long dramas. Sitting through an entire episode of The Good Wife might bust up our double feature flow, no? So now we get to watch a Tales from the Crypt! Also, is this already the second appearance of Black Dog in this column?

Adam: Black Dog appears in Friday Night Double Features almost as much as True Romance. We should really just make a leaderboard already. I’m into this double feature because I’ve seen neither of these movies the entire way through. What I saw of Fled recently wasn’t great (besides Will Patton, who is always great) but that, the Passenger 57 trailer and a Crypt episode I haven’t seen a whole bunch make this double bill irresistible.

Double Feature 8
Patrick: #1: Soapdish (1991)
Adam: #2: Bill & Ted’s Bogus Journey (1991)
Adam Trailers/Shorts: Out for Justice, Freddy’s Dead: The Final Nightmare, The Doors, Jungle Fever, Double Impact
Adam: Theme: 1991 $30M-$40M Domestic Grossers

Adam: I’m excited to finally see Soapdish. It was on HBO all the time during my youth, but I never sat down to watch the whole thing. I was toying with an all Summer ‘91 Comedies theme but this trailer mix seemed more up my alley (i.e. random, but awesome).

Patrick: This lineup is incredible, though I worry that sitting through the trailers is just going to make me want to watch any of those movies more than the ones we’re watching. Is 1991 turning into my favorite year for movies ever? Also Soapdish is the goods.

Double Feature 9
Adam: #1: Angel Heart (1987)
Patrick: #2: Lord of Illusions (1995)
Patrick: Trailers/Shorts: Cast a Deadly Spell, Witch Hunt, Lost Highway
Patrick: Theme: Horror Noir

Patrick: There are so few horror noir movies but I like all of the ones that exist. I wish there were more of them. This double feature is going to be more of a slow-burn, but both of these movies are awesome and would be a great night at the movies.

Adam: I’m going to cosplay for this one with an undershirt, suspenders and endless cigarettes. I really like Angel Heart! I saw Lord of Illusions for the first time last October. It didn’t entirely work for me (Kevin J. O’Connor felt miscast to me), but I’d be interested in seeing it again to get more used to it. This is a good pairing.

Double Feature 10

Patrick: #1: Beverly Hills Cop II (1987)
Adam: #2: Tango & Cash (1989)
Adam: Trailers/Shorts: Beverly Hills Cop (1984), The Running Man (1987), Kuffs (1992), Cop Out (2010), Ian Deaton’s THE BEST OF HAROLD FALTERMEYER! YouTube Playlist playing over a live magic show.
Adam: Theme: The Arresting Scores of Harold Faltermeyer

Adam: Music Love for Movie Lovers! Seriously, just look at this guy’s filmography. He had some run from 1984 to 1992.

Patrick: You had me at Kuffs. You had me for LIFE at “live magic show.” Will it be weird to have someone doing a live magic show for just the two of us in my basement?

Adam: Reel talk: I always imagine these double bills at the New Beverly when I write this column.

Patrick: So what am I supposed to do with all this popcorn?

Adam: Pay it forward.


  1. Saw "Great Choice" (aka Red Lobster horror short) at the Music Box & thought it was fantastic. Is it streaming anywhere online? I'd love to watch it again, and again, and again, and again . . . .

    1. Red Lobster is ranked #1 on my list of restaurants I love that I am too embarrassed to ask anyone to go to.

    2. I love Red Lobster, and I'm down to go any time. Have you ever read "Last Night at the Lobster" by Stewart O'Nan? It's this short, great book that's just about the last night of a Red Lobster before it closes permanently. Anyway.

      These themes and choices were amazing.

    3. Thanks Stephanie! I'll check out that book.

  2. These are always so much fun to read. I really need that Horror Noir double in my life as those have been must sees for me for a long time. What's taking me so long? haha

  3. Who would you want in the Kevin J. O’Connor role? William Fichtner?