Monday, August 27, 2018

Random Thoughts on 2018 Movies (September - October)

by Alejandra Gonzalez and Adam Riske
Which films will mess up our “I’m Only Watching Horror” plans?

The Nun

Adam: I’m interested for Taissa Farmiga, Demian Bichir, and because the movie’s release (JUMP SCARE) is during my prime horror season of August through October. That aside (JUMP SCARE), I don’t care at all about another spin-off from The Conjuring Universe. I feel like this brand of horror (JUMP SCARE) is pretty stale.

Alejandra: So, this has the potential to be either really great or really not great. The marketing has been pretty incredible, and I think I heard they even had to pull and ad from YouTube because it was “too scary”. I know that usually being marketed as that scary only dooms movies, but I legitimately think this will be adequately creepy. Also, I love that Taissa Farmiga is in it as a nod to her older sister in The Conjuring.

Adam: Why stop at just two Farmiga’s? They should make a movie in this universe called Oops! All Farmigas!


Alejandra: I know this is supposed to be a really tragic story but, like, the trailer made me laugh. Does that make me the worst?

Adam: Not at all. The part in the trailer where someone says “Social media’s lit up in support for her…” makes me want to rip off my own ears. To be honest, I think this is an inspired casting choice because it feels like Jennifer Garner only plays moms. This movie will bring a new dimension of her on-screen momming. But I don’t want to see it. How many “you can’t go up against the cartels” stories do we really need? Answer: less than we have.

The Predator
Adam: I know I’ll see this (Thomas Jane! Sterling K. Brown!), but I’d be lying if I said I think it looks interesting. I hope all the reshoots didn’t completely screw the movie up. Is Boyd Holbrook playing the same character he did in Logan? I know he’s not, but it looks like he is, doesn’t it?

Alejandra: It does, and I also agree with what you said. It’s fine, and I’ll probably watch it but I’m not particularly stoked or anything. The trailer was kind of anti-climactic, and still I can’t tell if it revealed too much or too little. Now that MoviePass and I broke up, I can’t even make a MoviePass pun, so yeah, I guess I’ll watch it.

Adam: MoviePass (and their daily carousel of movies you’re allowed to see) wouldn’t have permitted it anyways.

A Simple Favor

Alejandra: I’m mainly excited about this because I’m excited for Rob DiCristino to have another Kendrick movie to watch. Also, I really love Blake Lively, but I don’t know that she’s a great actress. I just...don’t know how they came about casting these two, but I’m excited to see what it plays out to be. I also...think I like Paul Feig? So that’s cool. Actually, nevermind. That conclusion was definitely made based off of Freaks and Geeks alone. Anyway, yet another opportunity for a MoviePass pun missed.

Adam: The part in the trailer that says this movie comes from “the darker side of Paul Feig” is so obnoxious, but I do think this movie looks intriguing. It’s nice to see Rob-favorite Anna Kendrick using her persona on-screen in a different way. It’s also good casting because she seems like the type of woman who would meet Blake Lively and become obsessed with her. I’m interested to see how this mystery plays out and that’s rare today.

White Boy Rick

Adam: Looks like this fall’s Blow or American Made. I tend to enjoy movies like these, so I’m onboard. The way the trailer is cut makes me think this is this actor’s (Richie Merritt) moment. Like Eminem in 8 Mile, he better lose himself. #I’mSorry

Alejandra: I love Matthew McConaughey pretty intensely, but I hope you’re right and hope that the movie gives the kid an opportunity to shine despite his involvement.

Adam: I think it will. Matthew McConaughey isn’t usually a ball-hog.


Alejandra: Man, oh man. I can’t really say everything I want to say, because it’ll devolve into some incoherent babble about how much I love K-Stew, but I’m totally on board. Plus, I’ve always thought that the Lizzie Borden story was interesting, and this seems like a pretty compelling take, so I’ll probably watch it. It was giving me serious The Beguiled vibes, at least aesthetically (especially with the dinner scene in the trailer) and that didn’t turn out too well for me. Hopefully this is different.

Adam: Was the story of Lizzie Borden ever meant to be empowering? I don’t know my history on this subject too well, but it seems like an unusual take. If I go it’s entirely because of Kristen Stewart.


Adam: Wow, a Nicolas Cage movie I want to see! It’s been awhile (been awhile).

Alejandra: I mean, yeah. This is definitely happening and I am definitely excited. I love Nic Cage (find me one person that doesn’t), and I love absolutely bat shit insane movies, and this looks like an amalgamation of both those things. One of the comments on YouTube under the trailer for this movie said that they were excited about this documentary based on a day in Nic Cage’s life, and I can’t stop thinking about that.

Adam: That’s a bold Nicolas Cage claim.

The House with a Clock in its Walls
Alejandra: Look, anyone who listens to me on the podcast will know how I feel about Jack Black. I feel like I was too old to have read the books, so I don’t really even know what this is about or that I would like it very much. It gives me real Series of Unfortunate Events mixed with Goosebumps vibes, which I’m not super into. Still, I have to support my man. And, my woman, Lady Galadriel.

Adam: I’m mostly interested because Eli Roth is directing a kids movie. Was this filmed in Casper’s house? They’re both’s gotta be the house, right?

Life Itself

Adam: Yikes! This has Collateral Beauty written all over it. I don’t like when movie people tell me they know what’s important in life because it usually has to do with dancing in your house or Annette Bening.

Alejandra: Or dropping out of college to travel the world or something. I get it. This has the potential to be really, really bad. But I have to watch it, as it is required by the Oscar Isaac fan club, which I happen to run.

Hell Fest

Alejandra: I’ll definitely watch this. I feel like this would be a lot of fun to watch with a group of friends or something because it looks that ridiculous. I’m all in.

Adam: This looks like my kind of crap. I can’t get enough teen/college theatrical horror. This will be a lot of fun to watch alone because I have fewer friends than you. It stars actors named Bex Taylor-Klaus and Reign Edwards!

Night School

Adam: Kevin Hart’s brand is annoyingly lazy. This movie looks like it came out in the summer of 2001.

Alejandra: RIGHT? And, dare I say it...I can’t really stand much of Tiffany Haddish anymore. I think she’s awesome, she’s just...a lot.

Adam: I like her line in the trailer about wearing blouses. It makes me laugh every time. But also, f this Night School.

The Old Man and The Gun

Alejandra: I had an entire thing to say, but then I realized Casey Affleck is in the movie. So, no. I’m not watching.

Adam: Since he’s retiring, this is my last chance to tell everyone that few other actors irritate me as much as Robert Redford. Hard pass on this one. It’s like he thinks he has all this gravitas and I’m not buying it.

A Star is Born
Adam: This movie couldn’t look any better if it tried. In fact, the trailer made me more of a Lady Gaga fan than her entire music career leading up to me seeing the trailer. Bradley Cooper knows what he’s doing. I will break from my all-horror October to go see this.

Alejandra: I don’t think I am capable of thinking about this movie without crying. Sometimes, I just watch the trailer to feel something and boy does this movie have the promise to make me feel all the things. I am a huge fan of Lady Gaga and B-Coops, so I’m excited to see what his debut will be like. That trailer alone is the best thing I’ve seen all 2018.


Alejandra: I plead the 5th. No comment. Actually, I will say I am excited for what twitter will be like when this movie is released.

Adam: I hope there’s minimal Venom in this (#MyVenomIsTopher) and it’s mostly Tom Hardy doing his New York “Aye, I’m just a guy!” stuff. He should make another The Drop.

Bad Times at the El Royale

Adam: I’m really looking forward to this. The ensemble cast (including Jon Hamm, Jeff Bridges, Dakota Johnson, Chris Hemsworth) is great, it seems pulpy and looks very entertaining.

Alejandra: I am all about this. I have no idea what the hell this movie will be about, the trailer is extremely confusing to me, and I love it. Hemsworth, Jon Hamm, and Jeff Bridges are all the convincing I need anyway. Plus, anyone who knows anything about me knows how I feel about Cabin in the Woods, so I’m excited to see what Drew Goddard does here.

First Man
Alejandra: I hate space movies. Only room for Armageddon in my house.

Adam: I like Ryan Gosling. I like Damien Chazelle. I like space movies. I will see this. It looks a little bit like annual October outer space IMAX homework, but that’s more a beef with the marketing than the movie itself.

Goosebumps 2: Haunted Halloween

Adam: I’m confused why no one from the original is coming back. That aside, I love this movie’s poster (and the trailer is fun), so that’s more than enough to make me want to see this pre-Halloween.

Alejandra: I didn’t even know they were making a second Goosebumps. I mean, whatever. I’m going to watch it because it’s Halloween themed which means I will at least like that about it. Maybe it’ll actually be good!

Beautiful Boy

Alejandra: So, I’m all over this like butter on toast. I think Chalamet is excellent in everything he’s been in, and actually, I think I just realized how much I fucking love Steve Carell. I don’t know that the content really appeals to me in a particular way, but I know the acting alone will move me. I’ll be there for sure.

Adam: I “like” addiction movies and dramatic Steve Carell is growing on me (he’s so good in Last Flag Flying), so I’ll see it. I’m a little Chalamet’d out right now, though. He’s like a drama Tiffany Haddish. We get it, kid. You’re talented.

Halloween (2018)
Adam: I don’t think this looks all that good, but I will be there to see it at 7pm Thursday, October 18th regardless. I’m most excited about Judy Greer and Will Patton co-starring. I hope there’s a scene where he calmly tries to reason with Michael Myers in Will Patton voice.

Alejandra: While I do really like and enjoy the Halloween franchise, I can’t say that I’m really that passionate about it. I know, blasphemous for a horror fan to say, but I can only be honest. I’m still really excited for this because I know how much so many of the people I love are looking forward to it, and I get to watch this in Austin with some of them, so I know it will be a good experience no matter what. I will say, though, #RobZombiesHalloween4Life.

Adam: Yes!

The Hate You Give

Alejandra: This is going to be an extremely rough watch, but I hope that it’s honest and treats the subject the way it deserves to be treated. It could go one of two ways, and I always get weird when movies capitalize off real tragedies, but I get it.

Adam: It’s weird to want to see a movie that you know will make you upset, but this looks pretty powerful. Anthony Mackie and Algee Smith co-starring is enough to convince me to go. In November. I’m only getting upset by horror movies in October.


Adam: Anne Hathaway and Matthew McConaughey Interstellar reunion! This looks good and noirish. Holy shit! McConaughey’s character name is Baker Dill! Why isn’t this movie called Baker Dill???

Alejandra: I’m going to bring the life-sized Anne Hathaway cut-out you got me for my birthday to the theater, as my date, to watch this.

Adam: Please take selfies with it. Also, take it to Life Itself!


Alejandra: I saw a meme that said A24 will never pass up a coming of age story, and I feel like this is a good example of that. This has the potential to be really moving or really boring, or at least that’s what I got from the trailer. I believe in Jonah Hill and will give him the benefit of the doubt for the time being.

Adam: I think Mid90s looks pretty good, but I’m already dreading it because it’s the type of movie that will play for two weeks, I’ll put it off, then I’ll need to scramble to see it before it leaves theaters completely, I’ll miss it, it won’t come out on DVD in enough time for me to consider it for a top 10 list, then I’ll see it the following February and think “Man, that could have made my top 10 list if I saw it in time.” I agree with you that Jonah Hill has earned enough goodwill over the years to check out his directorial debut.

Your turn! What upcoming September and October releases are you looking forward to?


  1. I wasn't super stoked on any September/October movies this year, but I just watched the trailer for A Star is Born and I want to watch that movie RIGHT NOW. I also didn't know Drew Goddard had a new movie coming out - excited for that too!

  2. I asked my sister what about Steve Carell makes me love him so much. She said it’s because he always comes across as really sincere. I guess that’s true. Plus he’s so good looking somehow.

    There’s the Lucas Hedges/Julia Roberts addiction movie coming out this year, too. I can only imagine we’ll be seeing a lot more of those stories.

  3. So many movies! I literally want to see all of them. I'm so glad everyone is all on board for A Star is Born. I mean, how could we not be with that trailer, but i just thought people would be cynical about it for some reason. Its going to kill box office. Everyone I know from young to mid age to old is excited for it. From Democrat, Republican and in between. Bradley Cooper unites everyone.

    Steve Carell is great and i love him so much. When he cries, I cry.

    Halloween, like you or Patrick said on a previous Podcast, looks just like another Rob Zombie edition, and I don't say that as a pejorative, but just as a weird feeling because it does, but its not RZ so there's no way the final product will be like an RZ movie.

    The Nun seems at least like they are putting work into it, like they tried, unlike Annabelle. The talent they have should make it work.

    Serenity/White Boy Rick - dark McConaughey always delivers

    Venom - so glad you mentioned The Drop because Hardy is doing the same exact accent, which was cool and worked the first time. It seems he maybe be trying to add a slight comedic side here.

  4. I agree Halloween's trailer didn't get me excited but i'll be there opening weekend. It can't be as bad as Rob Zombie's Halloween has to be better than Halloween 6. I hope it's really good & makes some money so we get a new Friday the 13th film.