Wednesday, October 10, 2018

FTM 460 - CARRIE (1976)

Patrick takes JB to the prom and dumps pig's blood on him.

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  1. haha That's crazy, I just watched this last night.

  2. Perhaps that mirror scene with Ms. Collins suggests that she was once like Carrie during her youth and she sees a bit of herself in Carrie. Could also explain why she takes some enjoyment in punishing the other girls.

  3. "A new level of depravity." I'm honored.

  4. Great show! One of my top 5 favorite horror movies and I knew it would be done justice!

  5. Ironically I could hardly listen to this pod for some reason. I was skipping through and trying to only catch bits an pieces until I landed on J.B. talking about how it's hard to revisit this because essentially of the bully trauma. I think all of that commentary by him and Patrick was right on. Right on, Man!

    I really have to force myself to watch it again.