Friday, October 16, 2020

Riske Business: Songs I Love From Scary Movies

 by Adam Riske

A new playlist for all of your Scary Movie Month festivities!

Title: “Funky Shit”
Artist: The Prodigy
From: Event Horizon

This fan-made montage to the end credits song from Event Horizon starts things off strong by letting us know it was edited by “Spaz.” Very important. It reminds me of how Rob and I plan to have a moniker of “Whet” when we co-direct movies someday. Getting back to Event Horizon, I love how well this song plays in the movie. The film has a great, assaultive sound mix to begin with so to go out on an aggressive electronic jam by The Prodigy feels perfect. Is it weird that Jake Noseworthy’s injuries in the film still bother me? I mean, Jason Isaacs gets his guts cut out, but still I’m most impacted by a bloody Noseworthy. Warning: this video has a lot of gory imagery from the movie, so if you’re bothered by that call me on my cell and we’ll talk.

Title: “Nightmare”
Artist: 213
From: A Nightmare on Elm Street

I’ve always felt this song (which plays over the end credits of A Nightmare on Elm Street) is out of place with the movie that preceded it. Was 213 just that big of a get back in 1984? The lead singer sounds like how I imagine a dog sounds to themselves when they’re barking after someone rings their owner’s doorbell. That aside, I must really like this song and just never realized it because when I saw the movie at the drive-in last weekend the PA announcer at the theater TALKED OVER THE ENTIRE SONG and I was really pissed.

Title: “Wishmaster”
Artist: Nightwish
Inspired By: Wishmaster

I don’t even know where to begin with this one. First, there’s a band called Nightwish. Second, they have a song called “Wishmaster.” Third, someone made a video montage of the song “Wishmaster” over clips from the movie Wishmaster even though they are unrelated. Four, this wasn’t done by me. It’s true. Soulmates do exist! But wait, what if this is a ruse? Like the Djinn is doing this purposely to acquire my soul everlasting. Nice try, Divoff. P.S. This sounds like music Chris Pratt in Onward would really dig.

Title: “There He Is Again”
Artist: The Hues Corporation
From: Blacula

When I went to see Blacula at the drive-in earlier this month, I was enjoying the movie already and then midway through there was a scene at a lounge bar. At this bar, a band named The Hues Corporation started performing a song. It evolved into an extended musical sequence and I was captivated. Blacula went from a movie I liked to a movie I loved. Filmmakers: soundtracks are important. Put more music in your movies! I need the Blacula soundtrack on vinyl. If you have it, call me on my cell and I’ll put my phone on speaker.

Title: “I’m Gonna Catch You”
Artist: The Hues Corporation
From: Blacula

But that’s not all from Blacula! Right after The Hues Corporation sings “There He Is Again,” they go into AN EVEN BETTER SONG called “I’m Gonna Catch You.” This sounds like a great, missing track from Jackie Brown. I could listen to this song for an entire day straight. G-D bless Blacula!

Title: “I Put A Spell on You”
Artist: Bette Midler
From: Hocus Pocus

I’ve been on the record before as being the site’s biggest Pocus-head (on second thought, maybe it’s Robyn?) and I love this song because it takes place in what looks like the best Halloween party there has ever been. However, I’m not a fan of how Omri Katz grabs the bandleader at the 0:23 mark. Not cool. It’s been 27 years, though, so I’ll get over it.

Title: “Mamushka”
Artist: Raul Julia & Chistopher Lloyd
From: The Addams Family (1991)

I rewatched The Addams Family (1991) over the weekend and for some reason (even though I’ve seen it maybe a dozen times) it played better for me now more than ever. Maybe because I was introducing it to kids in my family who think The Addams Family (2019) is good. I liked telling them during the Mamushka scene that it was exactly how Bar/Bat Mitzvah’s are and that they’ll have to learn it for their receptions. They didn’t believe me, but it was a fun joke. I miss Raul Julia. He’s so perfectly cast as Gomez.

Title: “Face to Face”
Artist: Melba Moore
From: Def By Temptation

I watched Def By Temptation for the first time this past weekend and it’s one of my favorite new discoveries of the month. I wasn’t expecting much from it, but it immediately became my favorite Troma release ever (though it doesn’t feel like a Troma movie exactly) and was a movie I instantly bought from Vinegar Syndrome right after it ended. It so weird (like Night of the Demons mixed with Boomerang), but such a Riske type of movie, too. The soundtrack is really great, with some sweet late 80s’-early '90s R&B. This here is my favorite song of the soundtrack. It’s like having honey poured in your ears.
Got any songs to recommend from movies you’ve watched this October? Leave a comment below or call me on my cell and we’ll sing them to each other!


  1. Just here to say that Nightwish is a Finnish band and one of my favorite bands in the world. Whenever I'm feeling down, I watch Ghost Love Score or The Greatest Show on Earth and crank the volume way up. That'll usually do the trick (they're both more recent live recordings with a different lead singer than on Wishmaster).

    1. Appropriately for Scary Movie Month, they also did a great cover of The Phantom of the Opera (with the original singer).

  2. Seeing Funky Shit on here gave me a very big smile on this Friday morning

  3. "Nightmare" is a great song, as are "Cry Little Sister", "I Still Believe", and "Beauty Has Her Way" from The Lost Boys.

  4. Friday the 13th Part III Theme gets the party started.

  5. Excellent list! The Blacula soundtrack is terrific.

    If I may, and to celebrate your recent rewatch of Bones, I'd like to add Birth of Jimmy Bones. I just love how involved Snoop is in this movie and soundtrack, talking in third person and all.