Thursday, December 18, 2014

23 Movies I'm Excited to See in 2015

by Patrick Bromley
Sure, 2014 has been a great year for movies. But is it too soon to start talking about next year?

There are a lot of big movies coming out in 2015. Like, a lot. In the same year, we're getting the new Avengers movie AND a new Star Wars, plus the next Bond, a fourth Mad Max, another Fast and Furious and much, much more. And while I'm certainly excited about many of those -- I like a good event movie as much as anyone -- there's a bunch of smaller genre stuff that I'm just as stoked about, if not more so. It's going to be hard to wait for some of these, but I can do it. I am a patient boy. I wait, I wait, I wait, I wait.

1. Blackhat (dir. Michael Mann)
Release date: 1/16

No, the first trailer wasn't super promising to start, what with Chris Hemsworth's American accent and being in jail for being a super hacker. But then the back half of the trailer looks like Miami Vice and I'm SOLD. The mid-January release date doesn't suggest a lot of faith in the film on the studio's part, but I'll always be excited about a new Michael Mann movie. Even if the last one was Public Enemies.
2. Everly (dir. Joe Lynch)
Release date: 1/23 (VOD/iTunes), 2/27 (theatrical)

I may or may not have already seen Everly, but I can't wait for it to come out so that a) I can see it (again) or for the first time and b) everyone else can see it. After the debacle that was Knights of Badassdom (#notJoe'scut), this is the movie that's going to put Joe Lynch on the map in a big way. He directs the shit out of it. Plus, it will make for a new Christmas tradition.

3. Digging Up the Marrow (dir. Adam Green)
Release date: 3/24 (VOD/iTunes)

How cool is it that in the first few months of the year we're getting new films from BOTH hosts of The Movie Crypt? Adam Green's latest -- a mix of documentary and meta-narrative, as I understand it -- first premiered at Harry Knowles' Butt-Numb-a-Thon last year, and the wait for the rest of us to see it has been too long. Originally, Green was planning on four-walling the movie with a full tour for its theatrical release; I believe that has changed somewhat, but I don't yet know to what degree. No matter what, we'll be seeing his new movie within the next few months. I can't wait.
4. Jupiter Ascending (dir. Andy/Lana Wachowksi)
Release date: 2/6

Originally set for a summer 2014 release, Warner Bros. pulled the movie fairly late and pushed it to an early 2015 release. While that doesn't inspire a ton of confidence, I'm still dying to see what the Wachowskis have in store with this massively ambitious space opera, which looks huge and singular and as gorgeous as anything they have made in the past. Coming off Cloud Atlas, they can do no wrong in my eyes.

5. Cub (dir. Jonas Govaerts)
Release date: TBA

Here's a movie that played at this year's Fantastic Fest (like a bunch of the titles you'll see further down this list) that got a lot of people talking. This Belgian import is a killer-in-the-woods played out among kids in a scout troop. I'm sold.
6. Furious 7 (dir. James Wan)
Release date: 4/3

This one's bittersweet, as we all know that star Paul Walker tragically died before filming could be finished. The specter of his death will hang over this entire thing, even if it's as much fun as I think it's going to be. I love this franchise, which finally hit its stride in the FIFTH installment. The addition of Jason Statham and KURT FUCKING RUSSELL only makes me want to see it that much more, plus I can't wait to see James Wan directing a HUGE Hollywood action film. The only thing causing my excitement to be somewhat reserved is the fact that I know I'm going to be sad watching it, despite what the big dumb smile on my face might suggest.

7. Electric Boogaloo: The Wild, Untold Story of Cannon Films (dir. Mark Hartley)
Release date: TBA

Those of you who read this site regularly know of my deep, deep love for Cannon Films, the studio that cranked out many of my favorite exploitation movies of the 1980s. Director Mark Hartley's documentary on Cannon has been in the works for some time and finally premiered at Fantastic Fest this year just to make me totally depressed about not being there. Seeing as how much I love his previous two retrospective documentaries -- Not Quite Hollywood (about the history of Ozploitation) and Machete Maidens Unleashed! (about the years Roger Corman's New World Pictures spent making films in the Philippines) -- and how much I love Cannon, this seems like a dream come true. I truly cannot wait to see this movie.
8. Spring (dir. Justin Benson & Aaron Moorhead)
Release date: TBA

This got great word of mouth coming out of Fantastic Fest. It's a horror love story from the guys who made Resolution and is being distributed by Drafthouse Films, who have great taste. Super curious about it.

9. Avengers: Age of Ultron (dir. Joss Whedon)
Release date: 5/1

Yeah, sure. I like these Marvel movies. I like these actors and these characters. I like the first Avengers movie. I guess I'll see it.
10. Mad Max: Fury Road (dir. George Miller)
Release date: 5/15

Fuck you, every other movie on this list. I would step over you if it meant I could see this tomorrow. I'm only basing my excitement on the trailer (and my affection for director George Miller and the first three Mad Max movies). But WHAT A TRAILER. They could just put that in theaters on May 15, 2015 and I would feel like I got my money's worth. This thing shouldn't even exist, much less be my most anticipated movie of next year.

11. Get the Girl (dir. Eric England)
Release date: TBA

I know very little about Get the Girl except for the fact that it's the new film from Contracted writer/director Eric England, so I'm on board. I've seen a few of the behind-the-scenes pictures England has posted on social media and it looks bloody and cool. England keeps getting better with every movie, so it's going to be great to see what he does next.

12. Tomorrowland (dir. Brad Bird)
Release date: 7/22

I know nothing about this movie except that it stars George Clooney and that it's directed by Brad Bird, so I'm in. It's also written by Damon Lindelof, but let's not forget that it stars George Clooney and is directed by Brad Bird.
13. It Follows (dir. David Robert Mitchell)
Release date: TBA

Everyone who has seen this movie swears it's one of the best horror movies of the year. That's because they were lucky enough to see it at a festival (like a number of films on this list, it played at Fantastic Fest, as well as the Chicago International Film Festival). The rest of us will have to wait for next year when the movie is properly released, I'm guessing in a limited run and on VOD. Like every good horror movie these days.

14. Ricki and the Flash (dir. Jonathan Demme)
Release date: 6/26

Just a few weeks ago I was expressing disappointment that the great Jonathan Demme had basically retired from narrative filmmaking. To prove me wrong, he's releasing Ricki and the Flash, his first drama since Rachel Getting Married in 2008. Diablo Cody wrote the screenplay, which can be good (Young Adult) or bad (Paradise), and the cast includes Meryl Streep (!), Kevin Kline (!!) and Rick Springfield (?).

15. Crimson Peak (dir. Guillermo del Toro)
Release date: 10/16

Most of the movies are on this list not because I know anything about their plots, but because of who made them. I know nothing about Crimson Peak except that it's the new film from Guillermo del Toro, which is reason enough for me to want to see it.
16. Bone Tomahawk (dir. S. Craig Zahler)
Release date: TBA

I know even less about Bone Tomahawk because I'm not familiar with director S. Craig Zahler. All I need to know is that it stars Kurt Russell and that he looks like that. For further explanation, please refer to the Kurt Russell rule.

17. Spectre (dir. Sam Mendes)
Release date: 11/6

New Bond movie. Enough said.

Ok, there's more! I like where Skyfall left the franchise. I like the casting of Monica Bellucci as the Bond girl. I like Dave Bautista as a henchman. I'm looking forward to the new M and the new Moneypenny (Naomie Harris). There's rumor that Christoph Waltz is going to be playing Blofeld, which he has denied. I hope he's telling the truth; otherwise, that's some Star Trek Into Darkness shit all around. Be your own thing, new Bond series. Don't just redo the classics.
18. Return to Nuke 'Em High Vol. 2 (dir. Lloyd Kaufman)
Release date: TBA

I was a big fan of Return to Nuke 'Em High Vol. 1, the latest effort from the good people at Troma, which I saw over a year ago at this point. I have been promised that Vol. 2 features even more sex, violence and Tromatic goodness. Here's hoping we get the epic conclusion sometime in the next calendar year.

19. Midnight Special (dir. Jeff Nichols)
Release date: 11/25

Jeff Nichols is a talented director who has yet to make a movie I totally love. This one is described as a "sci-fi chase movie" that stars Adam Driver, Joel Edgerton, Kirsten Dunst and Michael Shannon (of course). I'm in.

20. In the Valley of Violence (dir. Ti West)
Release date: 12/4

Ti West's next movie is a western. A Ti Western.
21. Star Wars: The Force Awakens (dir. J.J. Abrams)
Release date: 12/18

Hey, there's a new Star Wars movie coming out.

22. Mission: Impossible 5 (dir. Christopher McQuarrie)
Release date: 12/25

This is going to be totally overshadowed by the new Star Wars movie coming out just a week prior, but I'm a fan of the Mission: Impossible franchise, and the most recent (Mission Impossible: Totes Ghost Protes) was the best in the series by a substantial margin. I'm excited to see what Christopher McQuarrie brings to the film, as I'm a fan of Jack Reacher, his previous collaboration with Tom Cruise
23. The Interview (dir. Seth Rogen/Evan Goldberg)
Release date: ??!?

I was really excited to see this movie over the upcoming holiday weekend. I love Seth Rogen and admired the balls of the film's premise. Now, thanks to a bunch of assholes we won't be able to, as every major theater chain is refusing to show it and Sony is now scrapping its release just a week out. See? It's easy to make the world exactly what you want it to be -- just threaten a terrorist attack. Fuck everyone.

Maybe the movie makes it out on DVD or VOD some time in 2015. And maybe this isn't the start of a trend in which shitheads can make studios cower and back down by making a bunch of shitty threats. I don't have my hopes up for either.


  1. I just read that Sony isn't even going to release the interview on demand or on DVD, which sucks because I also wanted to see it. I'm so fucking excited for mad max and a new bond though! And that little Star Wars movie peaks my interest as well.

  2. I wouldn't really mind it if Blofeld is in the new Bond. I mean, I would prefer that they invent someone new, but at the same time, unlike reusing Khan, Blofeld has already been in several other movies. And I feel like those involved wouldn't just redo an old Bond movie and fill it with references to older entries in the series like I feel they effectively did with Star Trek, nor do I think Blofeld's inclusion would necessarily signal that. But who knows?

    At any rate, I wasn't familiar with Ti West's new movie. I can't wait to see a Ti Western. And I'm super interested to see Furious 7, too.

    1. And the new Ti Western (I'm stealing that) has John Travolta and Ethan Hawke!

    2. Ti Western...
      Take a bow.

  3. Lots of good stuff to look forward to there.

    Tom Cruise is making some great films recently. Im looking forward to another Mission impossible film more than usual

  4. Looking forward to Mad Max and Ex Machina (from A24). Trying to temper my expectations for Jupiter Ascending in hopes of being pleasantly surprised. Very disappointed in the trailer for Terminator: Genisys.

  5. It's a good looking list. I find myself most excited for Electric Boogaloo. My nostalgic feelings for Cannon have been pretty intense for the last couple of years.


    1. Star Wars: The Force Awakens
    2. The Hateful Eight
    3. Mad Max: Fury Road
    4. Avengers: Age of Ultron
    6. Peanuts
    7. Crimson Peak
    8. the currently untitled Cold War thriller written by the Coen brothers and directed by Steven Spielberg
    9. Spectre
    10. Jupiter Ascending

    1. I forgot about Hateful Eight. That's near the top of the list.

    2. I also forgot about hateful eight, number 1 for me

  7. There's a little bit of "The Interview" you can see...

    Question now is, what finds of threats will Sarah Palin start making over "Iron Eagle 2"?

  8. Nice list Patrick, i have pretty much all the same films on my list myself although I think one film missing from the list is the unfortunately titled TAK3N. I just have a good feeling about this one in spite of the fact that it has Forrest Whitaker chasing someone (again, remember The Last Stand) and Liam Neeson looking for a wolf to punch. It also fills that void of medium budget action movies which seem to have disappeared damn near completely in the last couple of years. Its lower on the list for sure but i think it would hit my top 25 movies for next year.

  9. Nice Patrick! I'm glad you included a few much anticipated Horror/Thriller films. FYI - here are a few more that are under the radar (this one's for you too, Dennis Atherton)

    The Voices (dir. Marjane Satrapi) "Persepolis"; "Chicken with Polums" - excited to see her go into the Horror genre.

    Cooties (debut film from two directors I know nothing about). This one made noise at the festivals so much so that Lionsgate picked it up and gave more money to have the ending the directors initially wanted yet couldn't afford.

    Spring - New film from Justin Benson, Aaron Moorhead (Resolution and the shitfest VHS:Viral)

    Der Samurai - all I know about this one is that it features some wolfman thing in a dress. I believe it made some noise at SXSW

    Faults - debut feature from Riley Stearns (he has some shorts) with Mary Elizabeth Winstead. I'll see anything with her in it.

    Harbinger Down - Directed by a well established special effects guy, looks interesting.

    Blood Punch - Horror movie debut from a Children's TV writer.

    Hellions - New film from Bruce McDonald (Pontypool)

    Lastly, though not Horror, Kumiko the Treasure Hunter is something I have been anticipating for a while as well.

    1. "Chicken with Plumbs" no idea what a "polums" is. Sorry.

    2. Your on the ball Chaybee. Lots of stuff to look out for in the future I was not aware of. Great list. You know I love my horror and also A Wolfman thing. In a dress. ;)
      Im in

  10. Thanks, Patrick. Now I have a list of stuff to see. It's nice having other people do my hunting for me.

    I'm most looking forward to Star Wars, but I'll be damned if that latest Mad Max trailer didn't give me the tingles. Man, that looks great.

  11. Three westerns in one year? I must be dreaming. Hollywood had essentially given a big middle finger to the genre, with only the really good scripts getting made (exception: The Lone Ranger). Maybe the success of True Grit and Django is changing their minds.

    Like Kino, I'm also looking forward to several "2014" movies that won't be near me until 2015, and still aren't on demand. Inherent Vice, Foxcatcher, The Homesman, Whiplash...the list goes on.