Wednesday, November 11, 2015

James Bond Party!

by Patrick Bromley
And you thought Christmas only came once a year.

Spectre, the 24th James Bond film, is currently in theaters and is...disappointing. It makes me want to go back and revisit the Bond movies of the past, because at least when those aren't very good I can excuse them as a product of their time. When Moonraker is terrible, we can just say "Well, it was the '70s. Everyone was on cocaine and Roger Moore was 87 with a diaper full of shit." Maybe we'll be able to see Spectre that way some day...but not now.

In that spirit, let's look back at all the Bond coverage we've had here at F This Movie!, whether it's our contributors waxing poetic about their favorite Bond films (I don't think my favorite Bond film is my favorite Bond film anymore, but I still love it) or Mike and I podcasting our way through the greatest spy series of all time.

Have a seat. Pour yourself a vodka martini. Make a sexist pun. Spend the day with us and Bond.

My Favorite Bond: JB on Goldfinger
JB on Casino Royale (1966)
My Favorite Bond: Patrick on On Her Majesty's Secret Service
Patrick and Mike on Live and Let Die
Patrick and Mike on The Man With the Golden Gun
My Favorite Bond: Mark Ahn on The Spy Who Loved Me
Patrick and Mike on The Living Daylights
My Favorite Bond: Alex Lawson on GoldenEye
Patrick and Mike on GoldenEye
Patrick and Mike on Casino Royale
Patrick and JB on Skyfall
Patrick and Mike on Spectre
Riske Business: Ranking the Bond Theme Songs
Patrick on Bond Miscellany


  1. Just watched License to Kill. I remembered it as out of place, just Bond chasing a drug lord, but it is VERY Bond and has it all, down to: gadgets, flying bodies out of helicopters, underwater stuff, bad humor (he came to a 'dead end'), great villain, etc. that's what didn't sit well with me about Spectre - also why was it not styled as SPECTRE? The action set pieces were lame and nothing really happened. Bond hijacks a plane and its wings fall off after he kinda (barely) plays chicken with the convoy of cars and then crashes into a wood shed. Woo hoo.

    1. For my money "Licence to Kill" not only has one of the best one-liners in the entire series ('Launder it'), but that one-liner is the payoff for one big and elaborate set-up that the movie works for two whole acts to introduce, develop and see to fruition. Maybe that's why I love it, besides Robert Davi's non-ironic delivery and how fucking bloody it is: you can feel the director, editor and screenwriters working their asses to make it not only fit, but make sense within the out-of-routine-business universe this Bond adventure takes place in.

      Ninjas in a banana republic made-up third world country straight out of the first "Expendables," though? That's inexcusable. :-D

  2. Alright after rewatching some favorites and watching the one Bond I'd never seen before (Octopussy) here's my personal ranking of all the Bond movies.

    1. From Russia With Love- Doesn't get any better than this.

    2. On Her Majesty's Secret Service- Kick ass action, favorite Bond girl, emotional ending.

    3. Goldfinger- Connery in his prime, does everything right.

    4. Skyfall- Craig at his best.

    5. Thunderball- You either love the water stuff or hate it, I happen to love it. Tons of fun.

    6. Casino Royale- my first Bond.

    7. The Spy Who Loved Me- The movie that makes Moore tolerable.

    8. The Living Daylights- Gentleman T Dalts in a very good, solid Bond movie.

    9. Goldeneye- Great debut for Pierce.

    10. You Only Live Twice- The silly Bond I love.

    11. For Your Eyes Only

    12. Tomorrow Never Dies- This and World Is Not Enough are basically the same movie to me.

    13. The World Is Not Enough

    14. Dr. No

    15. License To Kill- Angry revenge Bond.

    16. Moonraker- The bad Bond I kinda like.

    17. Spectre

    18. Diamonds Are Forever

    19. Quantum Of Solace- Not as bad as everyone says.

    20. Die Another Day- Descent movie until Haller Berry comes in.

    21. Octopussy- So insulting to Bond but a few descent action scenes

    22. A View To A Kill- Walken is fun but that's about it.

    23. Man With The Golden Gun

    24. Live And Let Die- only movie I like absolute nothing about

  3. Old films about Bond are very funny.

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