Thursday, March 15, 2018

Friday Night Double Features Vol. 2

by Adam Riske and Patrick Bromley
Ten double features perfect for impressing the bowling alley girl who smokes.

Double Feature 1
Adam: #1: Vice Squad (1982)
Patrick: #2: True Romance (1993)
Patrick: Trailers/Shorts: Risky Business, The Candy Tangerine Man, Taxi Driver, Street Smart
Patrick: Theme: Killer pimps!

Patrick: My inclination is to program another Wings Hauser movie, but I think it would be too much like Vice Squad. Just kidding! Nothing is like Vice Squad.

Adam: I really need to see Vice Squad. I’ve wanted to forever but have never taken the dive. Pairing it with True Romance is pretty unbeatable.

Patrick: Vice Squad is a blast! Gary Sherman is so underrated. Plus, we’ll be singing “Neon Slime” all night. Look it up on YouTube. That’s Wings Hauser singing!

Double Feature 2
Patrick: #1: Drop Dead Gorgeous (1999)
Adam: #2: Get Over It (2001)
Adam: Trailers/Shorts: Dick (1999), Bring It On (2000), Crazy/Beautiful (2001), Spider-Man (2002)
Adam: Theme: Dunstop Til You Get Enough

Adam: This one is already sold out. I rented the theater. Sick day.

Patrick: I’ll bring a case of Gatorade.

Double Feature 3
Adam: #1: No Escape (1994)
Patrick: #2: Turkey Shoot (1982)
Patrick: Trailers/Shorts: Terminal Island, The Condemned, Shutter Island
Patrick: Theme: Island Prison!

Patrick: This is a subgenre I didn’t realize I kind of like until I started putting this program together. I like the idea of putting Turkey Shoot with No Escape because they both have a big sci-fi angle to them. Plus, Turkey Shoot has a mutant beast man and No Escape has Kevin Dillon!

Adam: Hmmm...two questions - 1) Is No Escape worth watching? 2) Shutter Island - is there a show there?

Patrick: I haven’t seen No Escape since my BBV days, but I will say yes, absolutely and 2) Probably? But then I’d have to rewatch it and I thought we were friends.

Double Feature 4
Patrick: #1: Dragonslayer (1981)
Adam: #2: Kill Bill Vol. 1 (2003)
Adam: Trailers/Shorts: Love and a .45 (1994), Charlie’s Angels (2000), Iron Man (2008), Top 10 Cat Grant and Kara/Supergirl Moments
Adam: Theme: Action McBeal

Adam: I flirted with the idea of making it a slayer night, but that seemed too obvious and a strained Ally McBeal tribute was something no one would put together but me.

Patrick: This is amazing and I’ve never even seen an episode of Ally McBeal.

Double Feature 5
Adam: #1: Super Troopers (2002)
Patrick: #2: Night Patrol (1984)
Patrick: Trailers/Shorts: Police Academy 2: Their First AssignmentLet’s Be Cops, Charlie Chaplin short “Easy Street,” Vice Academy
Patrick: Theme: Funny Five-O

Patrick: For some reason, Super Troopers has a massive cult following but Jackie Kong’s Night Patrol doesn’t, despite being at least as funny.

Adam: I’d take that Pepsi Challenge, because Super Troopers is really funny. I have no hope for Super Troopers 2, though.

Double Feature 6
Patrick: #1: First Blood (1982)
Adam: #2: Get Carter (2000)
Adam: Trailers/Shorts: Demolition Man (1993), The Specialist (1994), Assassins (1995), Antz (1998), Escape Plan (2013)
Adam: Theme: October Sly

Adam: Finding a movie to pair with First Blood out of this bunch was difficult, but I loved the theme so much, I couldn’t change it. Hopefully Get Carter is at least watchable. I’ve never seen it. It felt like the closest fit in terms of tone and subject matter.

Patrick: I like Get Carter, so I’m way on board for this double feature. I’m just so glad you didn’t pair it with Escape Plan because I’m not anxious to revisit that movie. Is Stallone the King of October?

Double Feature 7
Adam: #1: John Wick (2014)
Patrick: #2: In a Valley of Violence (2016)
Patrick: Trailers/Shorts: Payback, The Rover, The Hills Have Eyes (1977), National Lampoon’s Vacation
Patrick: Theme: Don’t You Hurt My Dog

Patrick: Seeing dogs get hurt in movies is the worst. The only thing that helps ease the pain is if the dog is avenged.

Adam: I have to shut my eyes for those scenes. The worst was in Revenge (1990). I almost turned off the movie. This is a great double bill of movies, btw.

Double Feature 8
Patrick: #1: Running Scared (1986)
Adam: #2: Running Scared (2006)
Adam: Trailers/Shorts: Run (1991), Run Lola Run (1999), Run All Night (2015), Top 10 Running Scared Moments in Sports, “Running Scared” Roy Orbison music video
Adam: Theme: Running Scared

Adam: I couldn’t resist pairing two great action movies with the same title together even though it’s kind of lazy. Plus, Paul Walker. #ShineSweetFreedomShineYourLightOnMe

Patrick: These movies are so different from one another but both totally entertaining, so I could see this being really fun. I’ve still been too afraid to revisit the PW Running Scared because I remember it exhausting me opening night. It’s too much movie.

Double Feature 9
Adam: #1: The Night Before (2015)
Patrick: #2: New Year’s Evil (1980)
Patrick: Trailers/Shorts: 200 Cigarettes, Die Hard, The Night Before Halloween, Friday After Next
Patrick: Theme: Tomorrow’s a Big Day

Patrick: I rewatched The Night Before this past Christmas. I so want to love it but can only like it at best. Great cast, but I’m only really into one of the three subplots and it’s Joseph Gordon Levitt’s, who I would like to identify with least. But I think this could be a really fun night of movies because they’re both so different. And I’ve somehow never seen New Year’s Evil!

Adam: I’ve incrementally grown to like The Night Before, too. I’m on an Anthony Mackie kick recently because of a British Comic Con panel video I saw on YouTube randomly last month and he’s such an interesting, down to earth, honest interview subject. Plus, he does steroids in this and who doesn’t like steroids? They make you play better!

Double Feature 10
Patrick: #1: Truck Turner (1974)
Adam: #2: White Line Fever (1975)
Adam: Trailers/Shorts: Night Call Nurses (1972), Over the Edge (1979), Project X (1987), Unlawful Entry (1992)
Adam: Theme: A Night of Jonathan Kaplan

Adam: I love Truck Turner, so when I saw Kaplan also directed White Line Fever I decided to be selfish and make sure I turned this one into a double feature I’d really want to see.

Patrick: I haven’t seen it either, so this works out great!


  1. The Paul Walker Running Scared IS completely exhausting, but in the best way. I'm a huge fan of that movie.

    1. Right there with you...LOVE that film.

    2. Paul Walker should have gotten an Oscar just for keeping up his energy making that movie.

    3. I also love that Vera Farmiga is just as compelling and holds her own. When the film takes that crazy turn, she is fascinating to me.

    4. The pedophile couple is genuinely unnerving.

  2. When they show disclaimers indicating that what you are about to see will contain Violence, Nudity, Adult Language/Situations, etc., does anybody know why there isn't one that says something like "An Animal Will Appear To Be Harmed During This Film"...? I can't watch those scenes either and I just think a little "heads up" would go a long way towards my enjoyment of the movie.

  3. New Year's Evil is a gem of a film.

  4. We gotta get some Marie Antoinette in the celebration of all things Dunst!

    1. I was going for a specific golden age Dunst for that double feature but I agree MA is very good.