Thursday, January 13, 2022

Movies is Good: Moments Out of Time 2021

 by JB

Time once again for the shots, sequences, and performances that now live in my brain, rent free.

1. Ralph Fienes thinks he’s found something, The Dig

2. Tommy Bahama makes an appearance, Barb and Starr Go to Vista Del Mar

3. Punch break, Willy’s Wonderland

4. The enemy of my enemy is my friend, Godzilla Vs. Kong

5. Lin-Manuel Miranda as the Shave Ice Man, In the Heights

6. Uncle Ugo, Luca

7. Coleman Domingo switches accents, Zola

8. Everything is explained to Don Cheadle and Benicia Del Toro, No Sudden Move

9. Having only heard the Fifth Dimension on the radio, the Harlem audience assumes they’re white, Summer of Soul

10. Nicolas Cage cooks for Adam Arkin, Pig

11. Val Kilmer remembers his mother, Val

12. The Rock delivers the best Jungle Cruise patter ever, Jungle Cruise

13. James Gunn’s epic misdirect, The Suicide Squad

14. All of the background characters endlessly walking into walls because their “players” are just starting out, Free Guy

15. “Like a little gentleman.” Mitchells vs. the Machines

16. The first ten minutes, Malignant

17. The last ten minutes, Malignant

18. Vincent D’onofrio’s dyspeptic Jerry Falwell, The Eyes of Tammy Faye

19. Gavin Lewis discovers his father’s real name, Old Henry

20. “Casual Island Bond,” No Time to Die

21. Matt Damon demands to be called “Sir,” The Last Duel

22. Jason Momoa’s peppy Duncan Idaho, Dune

23. Lea Seydoux can strike uncomfortable poses for hours, The French Dispatch

24. Horror movie organ the perfect accompaniment for Christmas Day church services with the Royals, Spencer

25. Timothy Spall returns a book to the shelf, Spencer

26. Bronco Henry’s saddle, Power of the Dog

27. Opening night for Thunderball at the Empire theater, Last Night in Soho

28. Ana Taylor Joy sings acapella, Last Night in Soho

29. John Lennon talks kittens with Heather McCartney, The Beatles Get Back

30. Rita Moreno’s reprise of “A Place for Us,” West Side Story

31. J.K. Simmons channels the spirit of William Frawley, Being the Ricardos

32. The panoply of a friendship that lasted decades, Kurt Vonnegut: Unstuck in Time

33. David Straitharn’s “spook show” monologue, Nightmare Alley

34. Laurence Fishburne and Hugo Weaving screwed out of a paycheck, Matrix Resurrections

35. Alana Haim, running into a crowd, shouts “Fuck you, teens!” in Licorice Pizza

36. Cooper Hoffman’s apartment filled with unsold bean bag chairs, Licorice Pizza


  1. YES! That's definitely a line I've been quoting from Licorice Pizza, its legit too funny in that moment

    When Colman Domingo does that, its scary

    The Nicolas Cage cooking scene, and then Arkin breaking down is 100% one of the best scenes of the year

  2. I fully realize I'm a week late, but I'm so happy "Movies is Good" is back!