Thursday, February 1, 2018

Happy Women in Horror Month!

by Patrick Bromley
Here at F This Movie!, we try to make every month Women in Horror Month.

This February marks the ninth annual Women in Horror Month. To kick off what I hope is month-long coverage of WiH, here are a few dozen women in horror whose work you should know. Of course this list is not comprehensive. Of course there are names that were left off, sometimes intentionally (I don't need to tell you about Mary Shelley or Shirley Jackson), sometimes through oversight. If there there's a woman on whose work you would like to shine a light, feel free to do so in the comments.

Presented in absolutely no specific order:

Barbara Crampton - Actor, producer, legend, goddess

Heather Wixson - Journalist, managing editor of, author of Monster Squad, co-host of Corpse Club, frequent F This Movie! guest, one of my best friends
Izzy Lee - Filmmaker (For a Good Time Call..., Innsmouth, Rites of Vengeance), author, past F This Movie! guest

Angela Bettis - Actor (May, The Woman, Carrie [2002], Toolbox Murders [2004], Sick Girl), filmmaker (Roman)

Octavia Butler - Genre author (Fledgling)

Jocelin Donahue - Actor (The House of the Devil, Holidays, Dead Awake, All the Creatures Were Stirring)

Joanna Skrabala - Writer and podcaster (Bloody Popcorn)

Stephanie Rothman - One of the great exploitation filmmakers of the 1970s (Blood Bath, The Velvet Vampire, Terminal Island, Group Marriage)

Laura Lau - Writer (Silent House), cinematographer (Open Water), producer
Roxanne Benjamin - Producer, filmmaker whose most recent feature, Body at Brighton Rock, was just picked up by Magnet Releasing, segment director of XX

Jen and Sylvia Soska - Filmmakers (Dead Hooker in a Trunk, American Mary, See No Evil 2, Vendetta), writers, co-hosts of Hellevator, aka the "Twisted Twins"

Kei Fujiwara - Actor (Tetsuo the Iron Man), cinematographer, writer, director (Organ, Ido)

Shelagh Rowan-Legg - Filmmaker (Measure, Flow), writer, scholar, FrightFest programmer

Doris Wishman - Exploitation, sexploitation, and hardcore filmmaker who dabbled in horror (A Night to Dismember)

Karyn Kusama - Filmmaker (Jennifer's Body, The Invitation, Destroyer), segment director of XX
Meosha Bean - Filmmaker (The Spirit Within, 6th Floor, Hard Requitals)

Rebekah McKendry - Former editor of Fangoria and, producer, filmmaker whose first feature All the Creatures Were Stirring is coming soon, co-host of Killer POV and Shock Waves, bug enthusiast

Andrea Subissati - Co-host, Faculty of Horror

Alexandra West - Co-host, Faculty of Horror

Jackie Kong - Filmmaker (Blood Diner, The Being, Night Patrol)

Jovanka Vuckovic - Writer, producer, filmmaker (The Captured Bird, XX, the upcoming feature Riot Girls)

Michelle Swope - Writer,, Horror Geek Life, Nightmarish Conjuring

Mary Lambert - Filmmaker (Pet Sematary, Pet Sematary Two, The Attic, Urban Legends: Bloody Mary)
Ana Lily Amirpour - Filmmaker (A Girl Walks Home Alone at Night, The Bad Batch)

Debbie Rochon - Actor, filmmaker (Model Hunger), radio host, writer, legend, crush

Tananarive Due - Author (My Soul to Keep, The Good House, Ghost Summer)

Tiffany Baze - Makeup effects artist

Kalyn Corrigan - Horror journalist (,,

Brea Grant - Actor (Rob Zombie's Halloween II, Beyond the Gates, A Ghost Story, Applecart, Dexter, The Devil's Dolls, the upcoming Bad Apples), comic book writer, filmmaker (Best Friends Forever)
Jill Gevargizian - Filmmaker (The Stylist, Call Girl, Grammy, Dark Web), producer, massive talent who is hopefully making a feature very soon

BJ Colangelo - Genre critic, writer, podcaster, filmmaker

Sarah Langan - Author (The Keeper, The Missing, Audrey's Door)

Jennifer Kent - Filmmaker (The Babadook)

Axelle Carolyn - Filmmaker (Soulmate), producer, actor, segment director of Tales of Halloween, writer of the upcoming Sabrina the Teenage Witch series for Netflix
Karen Lam - Filmmaker (Stained, Evangeline, Doll Parts, Chiral, segment director, 7 from Etheria), writer

Heidi Honeycutt - Director of Programming, Etheria Film Night

Michèle Burke - Oscar-winning makeup effects artist (Bram Stoker's Dracula, Interview with the Vampire, The Cell)

Charlee Jacob - Author (This Symbiotic Fascination, Haunter, Still, Dark Moods)

Kansas Bowling - Filmmaker (B.C. Butcher), actor, editor

Jessica Cameron - Actor, filmmaker (Truth or Dare, An Ending)

Julia Ducournau - Filmmaker (Raw)
Zena Dixon - Filmmaker (Night of the Witch, Peel), horror journalist ( and podcaster, aka Real Queen of Horror

Linnea Quigley - Actor (Night of the Demons, Silent Night Deadly Night, Return of the Living Dead, Nightmare Sisters, too many to name), icon

Roberta Findlay - Exploitation, hardcore and horror filmmaker (Prime Evil, Blood Sisters, Tenement, Lurkers)

Maitland McDonagh - Critic, author and horror scholar

Leigh Janiak - Filmmaker (Honeymoon)

Alejandra Gonzalez, Stephanie Crawford, Lexy Van Dyke, Robyn Buckley - Writers, podcasters, badasses, friends


  1. This was so awesome and it made me so happy to see so many talented ladies being recognized

  2. This is great. Many names I wasn't familiar with, will seek out some of their work.

  3. Wow great list, Patrick. I personally enjoyed A Girl Walks Home Alone At Night it was so stylish.

  4. A great list of so many talented women within the genre!

  5. Great list! I'll add actors Kristi Ray (Pieces of Talent) and Lauren Ashley Carter and Director Sarah Adina Smith who's underwatched "The Midnight Swim" is available for free on Amazon Prime at the moment.

  6. Great list! I would include actors Kristi Ray (Pieces of Talent) and Lauren Ashley Carter (Jugface, Pod, Minds Eye, Darling, etc...) and director Sarah Adina Smith who's underwatched, eerie and beautiful gem "The Midnight Swim" is free on Amazon Prime at the moment.

  7. Samm Deighan, Kat Ellinger, Amanda Reyes and Alexandra Heller-Nicholas are hands down the most important writers/critics working in horror these days.

  8. no mention of Prevenge? well, you should all see it, it's pretty great