Saturday, March 28, 2020

Live Tweet #FPatricksBirthday This Sunday, March 29

by Erika Bromley
We are living in weird, stressful times. Let's celebrate what we can in honor of movie love... and a birthday.

Hi guys! Erika here. I don’t think I have “taken over” the site since 2017, when I forced Patrick out for a week and invited friends to share movie and friendship memories in honor of his birthday. Tomorrow, March 29th, is Patrick’s birthday, and since we, like most of the world, are sheltering in place and have cancelled any and all social outings/plans/trips/obligations, I thought it might be fun to still have a movie-watching birthday party and invite others to tweet along in celebration.

MANY people have messaged us asking if we were planning to host another F This Movie Fest, our yearly all-Twitter film festival (“from the comfort of your couch”) that we just hosted in early March (we were socially awkward before it was imperative that we all be and, while we are on the subject, please, friends -- unless you are an essential worker -- stay home). We are so lucky and grateful to have many film-loving friends and loyal readers/listeners who have participated in F This Move Fest for the past nine years, and we look forward to the 10th year in 2021! We figure we should keep that a special yearly event, but I could not pass up the opportunity to throw Patrick a little online party this year, so with the help of FTM friends, we came up with the #FPatricksBirthday hashtag we will use on Sunday, March 29.

Patrick, being Patrick, was very uncomfortable with the idea, but movie love prevailed, and he eventually gave me the green light and came up with a pretty kick-ass line-up (the first three films are PG-13, since many of us are sheltering-in-place with children in our homes). Please join us for one, some, or all movies tomorrow! We will see you on Twitter following #FPatricksBirthday.

The Patrick-curated mostly-easy-to-stream line-up (Central Standard Times):
10 am: Small Soldiers (Netflix)
12:15 pm: Phantom of the Paradise (Shudder but only through Amazon)
2 pm: Avatar, baby! (Disney+)
5 pm: Nemesis (1992) (Amazon Prime)
7 pm: Mayhem (Shudder)
8:45 pm: Universal Soldier: Day of Reckoning (digital rental)

We are lucky and grateful to be in a position to be able to watch movies on a Sunday, and hopefully this will provide many movie lovers with an enjoyable distraction from the extreme pain and suffering in our world right now. Our hearts are with everyone at this time. Stay inside. Watch movies. And F Patrick’s birthday. ;)


  1. Fantastic idea

    Happy Birthday Patrick

  2. I'll try to join in for the first two, but then I have to go to work. Streaming options are more limited here, but I'll rent Small Soldiers and I have Phantom on Blu-ray.

  3. I'll be cooped up all day with the kids. And I've been meaning to watch Avatar with them, so I'll probably join for that one. Happy birthday!

  4. Why did I get a present for Patrick's birthday? I'll take it!

  5. Great list! Just a heads up for anyone that's light sensitive: in Universal Soldier: DOR theres a scene with a prolonged strobe effect that could be trouble for some viewers.

    1. Yep! I was lucky enough to catch that one at a festival, on a giant screen, and had to keep my hands over my eyes for several minutes. It's pretty hardcore.

  6. Woot! Birthday love for a movie lover!

  7. Very Cool! Happy B-Day Patrick

  8. Happy Birthday!! Great movie selection!!🌻🌻

  9. CST is 5 hours behind me now. But our clock went forward in the UK so now CST is 6 hours behind.

    Do CST clocks go forward

    Easier question is does it start in 5hr 10 mins from now or 6 hrs 10 mins from now

    See time stamp above comment

    Damn this always confuses me

  10. Erika, this is a wonderful idea!
    I think I'll be able to stay from start to finish.

    Happy Birthday Patrick!

  11. Happy birthday Patrick. Hopefully I can join in at some point today

  12. Shoot! Just found about this, so l missed it. :-( Was busy working on back-to-back shifts and didn't have time to check the site. Regardless, happy birthday to F This Movie's Mr. B-I-G. :-)