Thursday, December 29, 2016

My Favorite Movie Moments of 2016

by Patrick Bromley
One of my favorite lists to write every year!

There may not have been a lot of "great" movies this year, but there were still a lot of great moments to be found. Here are some of them.
  • The bee scene, Popstar: Never Stop Never Stopping
  • Graham Skipper fails to save the day in The Devil's Dolls
  • Black Phillip speaks, The Witch
  • The opening credits of Deadpool
  • Lauren Ashley Carter lets someone have it, The Mind's Eye
  • "Nazi Punks Fuck Off," Green Room
  • "Drive It Like You Stole It," Sing Street
  • Jane Levy empties the turkey baster, Don't Breathe
  • The opening number of La La Land
  • Darth Vader attacks, Rogue One
  • Brahm's parents go for a swim, The Boy
  • It's raining zombies, Train to Busan
  • The first big shootout, The Magnificent Seven
  • Ryan Gosling and Russell Crowe toss a body over a fence, The Nice Guys
  • "Father's Day," Holidays
  • Anthony Weiner watching himself melt down on TV, Weiner
  • Jena Malone gets some action, The Neon Demon
  • The "No Dames" number in Hail, Caesar!
  • Bells are ringing, The Handmaiden
  • Gilbert Gottfried makes a surprise appearance, Life Animated
  • The opening shot of Krisha
  •  Kate McKinnon licks the gun, Ghostbusters
  • The last hug, Beyond the Gates
  • Sarah Bolger feeds the pet python, Emelie
  • John Travolta gets caught in the middle, In a Valley of Violence
  • Addison Timlin performs GWAR, Little Sister
  • Rory Culkin delivers bad news to his brother, Weiner-Dog
  • Hailee Steinfeld and her brother talk in the hallway at the end of The Edge of Seventeen


  1. Thank you for this. it tells me there is a reason to see most of these.

  2. Nothing from Zootopia? There were a number of great scenes in THAT movie. Sloth DMV, Felony Tax Evasion, There's a THEM Now, Fur of a Skunk's Butt, You're Dead, Museum Night-Howler, and so on.

    1. Sloths at the DMV would definitely be on my list.

  3. This has me psyched to seek out some things I missed this year. May I also humbly suggest the Aardvark routine from Mascots.

  4. You forgot to include Ash vs Evil Dead preview from the BCHFF

  5. Love the inclusion of Magnificent 7, and Patrick Wilson singing Elvis. Really a great character moment.

  6. My favorite movie moment of 2016 was seeing the classic crew photo in Star Trek Beyond, because for a fleeting peaceful second, it didn't feel like the movie hated me. I'm glad so many enjoyed the flick, but this TNG kid was miserable through pretty much the whole thing, especially during "Sabotage". A louder, more vapid, shoutier and less coherent picture I had not seen since the abomination that was Tomorrowland.

    Gotta shout-out Popstar's "Finest Girl" (Bin Laden) song, though.

  7. I'd throw in the scene of Jesse Eisenberg and the prostitute in Cafe Society.

  8. Do you do a Best Performances of 2016 post?

  9. The first dance between the Gos and the Stone is what really got me in LA LA Land.

    Also the hottub scene in The Lobster really got me.

  10. I liked the Real Desert Island Band moment from Green Room.

    Plus I had a good personal moment the other day seeing a car parked near my work with a Death Records bumper sticker on it.

  11. "Have you seen that in a gift shop?" from Doctor Strange.