Thursday, December 31, 2015

My Favorite Movie Moments of 2015

by Patrick Bromley
Time again for one of my favorite lists of the year!

This was a weird year for making my list of favorite movie moments. While I saw a lot of great stuff this year, there were some movies I really loved that didn't have many individual moments that stood out (like Crimson Peak or The Duke of Burgundy). There were other movies I loved this year that seemed to be nothing but great individual moments (I'm looking at you, The Force Awakens). That means this list was harder to make than normal, so I'm sure there's stuff I forgot and will wish I had added. I suppose the fact that I liked too many things is a good problem to have.

Enjoy! Happy New Year!
  • Melissa McCarthy pukes on a guy she just killed, Spy
  • The reveal of The Beast in What We Do in the Shadows
  • Dropping cars out of planes in Furious 7
  • The punchline of The Overnight
  • Any time Tom Hanks monologues in Bridge of Spies
  • Han saying "That's not how the force works!" in Star Wars: The Force Awakens
  • Oscar Isaac dances in Ex Machina
  • Malin Akerman dances to "Bette Davis Eyes" in The Final Girls
  • Olivia Cooke watches her movie in Me and Earl and the Dying Girl
  • Lisa Marie answers the door, We Are Still Here
  • "Speak Low," Phoenix
  • The traffic stop in Sicario
  • Porfiry's sex scene in The Editor
  • Gina Carano puts on a show for a guy at the club, Extraction
  • Brie Larsen washes the purple out of her hair, Digging for Fire
  • The giant appears in It Follows
  • Bing Bong says goodbye, Inside Out
  • Joe Manganiello's convenience store dance in Magic Mike XXL
  • Ilsa Faust takes a guy down while wearing the yellow dress in Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation
  • The first person becomes dinner in The Green Inferno
  • Deputy Nick has to split, Bone Tomahawk
  • Glass shoots the bear a second time, The Revenant
  • Keanu Reeves' "free pizza" speech in Knock Knock
  • The long pullback at the start of The Hateful Eight
  • "Vance" spreads out in Digging Up the Marrow
  • Ellis and Tony have their first date, Brooklyn
  • Margot Robbie explains mortgage bonds in a bubble bath in The Big Short
  • Amy Winehouse wins a Grammy, Amy
  • Jemaine Clement tries to walk past a couple breaking up, People Places Things
  • That chase in Mad Max: Fury Road
  • Barry Crimmins goes back home, Call Me Lucky
  • The hallway fight in Close Range
  • Ben Mendelsohn dances, Lost River
  • Brian Wilson composes Pet Sounds in the recording studio, Love & Mercy
  • Mya Taylor sings "Toyland" in Tangerine
  • Hide and seek under the house, The Visit
  • Church fight, Kingsmen: The Secret Service


  1. And FthisMovie getting a Big Shout out on KillerPov ;)

  2. Some others, for me:

    - Eazy-E puts on the sunglasses for the first time and confidently spits the lyric from Boyz-n-the-Hood, Straight Outta Compton

    -All of the fights in Creed, Creed

  3. Apple asking is that a comic?


  4. "That chase in Mad Max: Fury Road"

    ...I see what you did there.

  5. Patrick, I had the same problem (if you can call it that) when making my own list. There were lots of great films I really liked that had far too few "memorable" moments (Spotlight, Brooklyn, I'm looking at you), whereas some of the year's biggest moments came from the year's biggest films. I tried really hard to not just make mine a play-by-play of The Force Awakens, and felt odd when several Jurassic World moments out numbered those in something like The End of the Tour.

    You did a great job of making a varied list though! It really makes me want to catch up on the movies I've missed, and reminds me of some great moments that I myself forgot about (like the Manhattan shot in Trainwreck).

  6. So happy to see "The Beast" from "What We Do in the Shadows" getting so much love on this site. God, is that movie a riot.

  7. I don't think any scene this year got an audience so excited as the "The garbage ship will do!" bit in The Force Awakens. Perfect reveal.

  8. I've been shy to admit I liked the church scene in Kingsman. It's totally cathartic, and I watched it open-mouthed, enjoying it but certain that there was no way this character could live with having done that. yep.

    1. It was so well shot, but I didn't like how the movie was all "the bad guy's evil horrible plan to kill hundreds of people is working! How cool is this?". Felt kind of creepy. (Is this why you're shy to admit it? Cause of joyless assholes like me? Haha.)

  9. Great list! I must admit, I just saw Sleeping With Other People, and while I had a lot of problems with it, it had one of my favorite moments of any movie this year. The 'I love you for free' scene would probably make my top 5. Beautiful.

    1. I am so in love with Alison Brie and that scene of her dancing to Modern Love is still playing in my head. I should watch it every morning to start my day off right.

  10. "That chase in Mad Max: Fury Road"
    Laughed out loud.

  11. I personally loathed the salt scene in Slow West. The movie already nonchalantly killed the main character in a ruthless fashion and then the movie, in the most on the nose way ever, rubs "salt in the wound" of killing this character in such a cold way. I understand that's the point of the joke, but it seemed so mean spirited. It also didn't help that the girl was just so awful to watch everytime she was on the screen. Poor guy didn't die for much.

    1. If 'extremely violent' is 'mean spirited' to you, then Slow West is not for you. Or most western made these days, like Bone Tomahawk and Hateful 8. Though, I don't personally consider it a joke. These movies have extreme violence to show what a difficult and violent period the old west was.

    2. I didn't consider it a joke, except maybe as an inversion of how you would expect a movie like this to play out normally (rich boy falls for the help, tracks her down in America to live happily ever after). Considering how much misfortune that character has caused for this girl and her family, he's not that sympathetic at the end (even though I'm not exactly rooting for him to (spoiler) die). And I think the ending does a nice job of highlighting all the trouble this kid has caused in his single-minded quest.