Monday, September 30, 2013

Your 2013 Scary Movie Month Primer

Tomorrow begins #ScaryMovieMonth. Get ready. Unless you're already ready. In that case, get readier.

Scary Movie Month Podcasts:
Patrick and JB on the Best Horror Movies Ever
Patrick and JB on the Worst Horror Movies Ever
Patrick and Mike on the Saw franchise
Patrick and JB on Let the Right One In and Let Me In
Patrick and Alex on The Blair Witch Project
Patrick and Mike on Rob Zombie's Halloween and Halloween II
Patrick and Doug on Poltergeist
Patrick, Doug, Mike and JB on Sleepaway Camp (commentary)
Patrick and JB on the Best Zombie Movies
Patrick and Doug on American Psycho
Patrick and Alex on Hostel and Hostel Part II
Patrick and Mike on the Halloween franchise
Patrick, Doug, Mike and JB on Friday the 13th Part 3 (commentary)
Patrick and JB on Universal Monsters
Patrick and JB on V/H/S
Patrick and Doug on The Others
Patrick and Doug on The Lost Boys
Patrick and Mike on the Nightmare on Elm Street franchise

Massacre Podcasts:
Patrick and JB on The Massacre 2010 (24 hour horror film festival)
Patrick and JB on The Massacre 2011 (24 hour horror film festival)
Patrick, JB, Doug and Mrs. JB on The Massacre 2012 (24 hour horror film festival)

Video: F This Movie! at The Massacre (2012)

More Horror Movie Podcasts:
Patrick interviews director Tom Holland
Patrick and Adam Riske on Insidious Chapter 2
Patrick and Heather Wixson on The State of Horror
Patrick and JB on V/H/S/2
Patrick, JB and Adam Riske on Evil Dead (2013)
Patrick and Erich on Aliens
Patrick and Mark Ahn on Battle Royale
Patrick, JB and Mike on Silent Night Deadly Night (commentary)
Patrick and Erich on Lady in White

More Horror Movie Writing:
10 Superior Horror Sequels
Unsung!: Bubba Ho Tep
Unsung!: Near Dark
Take Two: Jason X
Unsung!: The Woman in Black
My First Horror Movie: Silent Night Deadly Night
Movies I Love: The Funhouse
Unsung!: Paperhouse
Unsung!: The Other
Sh!#ting on the Classics: Stephen King Movies
Sh!#ting on the Classics: Friday the 13th
Adam Riske on The Conjuring
Mark Ahn on Hausu
Patrick on The Woman
Patrick on All the Boys Love Mandy Lane
Patrick on You're Next
Patrick on The Lords of Salem
Patrick on Aftershock
Patrick on The ABCs of Death
Patrick on Chillerama
Patrick on Hatchet III

Horror Movies We Shouldn't Like But Do
Our Least Favorite Horror Movies
Our Favorite Horror Sequels
Our Favorite Horror Franchises
Our Favorite Movie Monsters

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  1. Great, you're going to make me finally watch Sleepaway Camp, aren't you?

  2. haven't been this psyched since Junesploitation, in light of that cool time I guarantee F this movie at minimum at least 31 horror movie reviews this month (1 per day for those flunking math) as well as any other ones that I can fit in, let SMM begin!