Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Your 2014 Scary Movie Month Primer

by Patrick Bromley
Get ready for the best month of your life!

Tomorrow kicks off our fifth (FIFTH!) #ScaryMovieMonth at F This Movie! What started as an excuse to watch and talk about horror movies with some friends has become the highlight of the year for many of us, as like-minded horror fans descend upon fthismovie.net like so many zombies descending upon the Monroeville Mall. You will literally realize your life was garbage before this.

Before the fun REALLY gets started, refresh yourself (or introduce yourself if you're new to us!) with our past Scary Movie Months and the TONS of great horror-related content on F This Movie!

Pour yourself a big can of Monster. Eat a box of Count Chocula. Watch movies. Never sleep.


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Massacre Podcasts:
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  1. EEEEK - I'm so excited - Scary Movie Month Eve is my favourite Eve (in your face, Baby Jesus!). But I'm also moving (boo (and I don't mean the cool ghostie "boo")) and will be offline for the day tomorrow and part of the next - I plan on watching an after-Midnight scary movie so as to not miss Day 1 - any chance the review post will be up early for us keeners?

    And wow, impressive (dead) body of scary work guys, I wish I could spend all day reading/listening but alas, back to work...

  2. Holy crap. To much info. My brain just exploded. ..

    This is gonna be fun

    This is my first Scary movie month and im so excited I cant even begin to tell you.

    I am going to try something different and do a full month of 80s Horror movies. Loads of the original Banned British Video Nasties. And to be a purist I am watching them all on original VHS tapes from my collection. Dodgy Trailers and all which I love. The video players have had there heads cleaned and are ready for action. Pictures of the old videos on my twitter if your on there

    Im calling it my 80s VHS Horrorathon

    Can't wait to hear what everyone else is up to....

  3. Just call me Daniel Lugo, because I am pumped. I'm going in without a plan other than "watch movies." Work is already trying to mess me up by tossing some late nights my way. Methinks I might just have to go in sleepy the next day.

    I'm thinking about kicking things off with the new blu-ray of Texas Chainsaw. "Sally. Sally. Don't leave me, Sally."

  4. How many reviews are we aiming for this year?

  5. Fucking Scary Movie Month Fuck Yeah! So excited! Can't wait to work through some of this stuff again or for the first time. You guys do such amazing work. We are all so grateful! This month is going to be THE BEST!

  6. The Monroeville Mall was ten minutes from the house I grew up in. I've shopped there. Believe me, if that doesn't drive home what garbage your life is, nothing will.

  7. I just finished my work season. I have nothing but time on my hands now. Just in time for October! I can't wait.

  8. I discovered this podcast this past...July? So first scary movie month. I'm psyched to abuse my Netflix account and overcome my general avoidance of horror movies (I get nightmares from horror movies. Still. I'm 23). Should be fun.

    1. It's the most fun you'll have all year!

    2. Glad we can all collectively help you pop your cherry, LMS. ;-P

  9. You're not alone here. I'll be joining in on my first scary movie month as well! It's definitely been a genre that I've neglected for a while, time to change that.

  10. I love having all of my scary movie needs in one place, thanks Patrick. Hour and a half til scary movie month! So excited!!!!

  11. Even though it's not my favorite annual F This Movie event (it's pretty tough to top the Twitter Film Festival) Scary Movie Month has a special place in my heart. The 2nd year they did it I stumbled upon it when they did a commentary podcast for "Sleepaway Camp," which was also the first time I've ever heard a podcast (which I didn't even know was a thing). So, thanks to Patrick & Co.'s firm but tender grasps I was gently pushed into the warm embrace of F This Movie-dom, and we're still doing it four years later (!). Let's rumble. :-)

  12. Hey, cool dudes (ghoul dudes?), looking forward to the festivities!

    Here’s the thing: Every year I set aside one very special movie to watch on the night of Oct. 31, something to look forward to all month, but this year I have no idea what that movie will be. (Last year, it was Troma’s POULTRYGEIST, and the year before that it was the Rankin Bass MAD MONSTER PARTY, which gives you glimpse into my brain.) Know that I’ll be checking in each day and reading everyone’s recommendations, in the hopes of finding “the one.”

    1. Mad Monster Party has become an October tradition for me the last couple years. I'm a horror wimp.

  13. All I want for Scary Movie Month is an LA big screen showing of WolfCop.