Friday, September 29, 2017

Your 2017 Scary Movie Month Primer

by Patrick Bromley
In just 48 hours, things are going to get real bloody.

This weekend, F This Movie! switches over for Scary Movie Month, when we celebrate horror for all of October. In addition to tons of horror-themed content and bonus podcasts, it will also be time for our annual Scary Movie Challenge, wherein we try to collect as many seven-word reviews from everyone as we possibly can. There has been some discussion in the comments about whether or not it's cool to comment on other people's seven-word reviews; in the past, we've frowned on that kind of thing because we wanted to keep an accurate count of just how many reviews we ended the month with. Having listened to many of you, I've decided that we're far enough along in the SMC experiment that no, it doesn't really matter how many seven-word reviews we get. I suspect it will be in the thousands like it has been the last few years, which is great. And if it will make it more fun to be able to comment and discuss each other's reviews, I say go for it. So it is spoken, so it is done.

To get yourself ready for the best month of the year, here's our annual #ScaryMovieMonth primer, collecting all of our horror-related content. There's a lot of it! You've got two days to soak it all in!

Scary Movie Month Podcasts:
Patrick and JB on the Best Horror Movies Ever
Patrick and JB on the Worst Horror Movies Ever
Patrick and Mike on the Saw franchise
Patrick and JB on Let the Right One In and Let Me In
Patrick and Alex on The Blair Witch Project
Patrick and Mike on Rob Zombie's Halloween and Halloween II
Patrick and Doug on Poltergeist
Patrick, Doug, Mike and JB on Sleepaway Camp (commentary)
Patrick and JB on the Best Zombie Movies
Patrick and Doug on American Psycho
Patrick and Alex on Hostel and Hostel Part II
Patrick and Mike on the Halloween franchise
Patrick, Doug, Mike and JB on Friday the 13th Part 3 (commentary)
Patrick and JB on Universal Monsters
Patrick and JB on V/H/S
Patrick and Doug on The Others
Patrick and Doug on The Lost Boys
Patrick and Mike on the Nightmare on Elm Street franchise
Patrick, Doug, Mike and JB on The Burning (commentary)
Patrick and JB on the Best Vampire Movies
Patrick and Adam Riske on Carrie (2013)
Patrick and Heather Wixson: The Horror Chick Returns
Patrick and Mike on the Friday the 13th franchise
Patrick, Doug, Mike and JB on Maximum Overdrive (commentary)
Patrick and JB on Vincent Price movies
Patrick and Adam Riske on May
Patrick and Heath Holland on Event Horizon
Patrick and Doug on The Monster Squad
Patrick and Mike on the Texas Chainsaw Massacre franchise
Patrick, JB, Mike and Adam Riske on Halloween III: Season of the Witch (commentary)
Patrick and JB on Horror Movies That Go Too Far
Patrick and Eric England on Scream
Patrick and Adam Riske on Demon Knight & Bordello of Blood
Patrick and Doug on Hellraiser
Patrick and Heath on Sleepy Hollow
Patrick and Mike on George Romero's Living Dead series
Patrick, JB, Mike and Adam Riske on Pieces (commentary)
Patrick and JB on Why Do We Watch Horror Movies?
Patrick and Adam Riske on Tales from the Hood
Patrick and Rob DiCristino on The Silence of the Lambs
Patrick and Heath Holland on The Fog
Patrick, Erich Asperschlager and Joe Maddrey on All Things King
Patrick and Jackson Stewart on The Beyond
Patrick and Mike on the Child's Play franchise

Massacre Podcasts:
Patrick and JB on The Massacre 2010 (24 hour horror film festival)
Patrick and JB on The Massacre 2011 (24 hour horror film festival)
Patrick, JB, Doug and Mrs. JB on The Massacre 2012 (24 hour horror film festival)
Patrick and JB on The Massacre(s) 2013 (24 hour horror film festival)
Patrick and JB on The Massacre(s) 2014 (24 hour horror films festival)
Patrick and JB on Scary Movie Marathon 2015

F This Movie! at The Massacre (2012)
Final Girls
Our Favorite Werewolf Movies
24 Hour Horror Marathon
Horror Comedies
Ask F This Movie! (Scary Movie Month edition)

More Horror Movie Podcasts:
Patrick interviews director Tom Holland
Patrick interviews director Eric England 
Patrick and JB on Scream 4
Patrick and JB on Seven
Patrick interviews the cast of Return to Nuke 'Em High Vol. 1
Patrick and Adam Riske on Insidious Chapter 2
Patrick and Heather Wixson on The State of Horror
Patrick and JB on V/H/S/2
Patrick and JB on The Mist
Patrick, JB and Adam Riske on Evil Dead (2013)
Patrick and Erich on Aliens
Patrick and Mark Ahn on Battle Royale
Patrick, JB and Mike on Silent Night Deadly Night (commentary)
Patrick and Erich on Lady in White
Patrick and Heather Wixson on Bad Horror We Love
Patrick and Heather Wixson on The Howling II (commentary)
Patrick and Heather Wixson on All Things Horror
Patrick and Heather Wixson on The Best Horror Movies of 2014
Patrick and Heather Wixson on Their Favorite Horror Directors
Patrick and Heather Wixson on Checking in on Horror
Patrick on The Funhouse (commentary)
Patrick and Heather Wixson on The Best Horror Movies of 2015
Patrick and Adam Riske on From Dusk Till Dawn
Patrick and JB on Cloverfield
Adam Green Interview
Barbara Crampton Interview
Patrick on Tales of Halloween (commentary)
Patrick and J. Blake Fichera on Scored to Death
Patrick and Heather Wixson on The Best Horror Movies of 2016
Patrick and Izzy Lee on The Brood
Patrick and JB on Kong: Skull Island
Patrick and Jackson Stewart on Phenomena
Patrick and Blake Fichera on Silver Bullet
Patrick and JB on Alien: Covenant
Patrick and Stephanie Crawford on Video Nasties
Patrick and Jackson Stewart on Italian Horror
Patrick and Heather Wixson on Underrated Slashers
Patrick on Beyond the Gates (commentary)
Patrick, Alejandra and A.M. Novak on Future Horror Classics
Patrick and Dave Parker on Day of the Dead
Patrick and Heather Wixson on Friday the 13th: A New Beginning (commentary)
Patrick and Joe Maddrey on IT (2017)
Patrick and Adam Riske on Wishmaster

More Horror Movie Writing:
10 Superior Horror Sequels
10 Werewolf Movies
10 Horror Comedies
Six Horror Movies Almost Directed by Someone Else
15 Horror Movie Anthems 
13 Great Moments from the Friday the 13th Franchise
Five Great Monster Kids in Movies
Five Movies That Made Me Love Horror
Five Novels by Horror Movie Directors
My 10 Favorite Final Girls
11 Killer POV Episodes You Should Listen To
11 More Killer POV Episodes You Should Listen To
10 Shock Waves Episodes You Should Listen To
Six Horror Remakes I Was Wrong About
13 Movies to Check Out on Shudder
13 Great Horror Movies of the 2000s
9 Underrated Horror Movies of the '90s
9 Cool Witch Movies
10 Great Barbara Crampton Performances
10 Slashers to Watch on Shudder
How I Learned to Love the Slasher
How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Italian Horror
Remembering Wes Craven
Talking X-tro with the Number One Fan of X-tro
Female-Directed Horror Movies on Shudder
Monster Kids Love Monster Movies
Remembering Tobe Hooper
Unsung!: Bubba Ho Tep
Unsung!: Near Dark
Unsung!: The Woman in Black
Unsung!: Dracula's Daughter
Unsung!: Paperhouse
Unsung!: The Other
Take Two: Jason X
Take Two: Zombie
Take Two: Shocker
Take Two: The Mangler
Take Two: Ghosts of Mars
Take Two: The Happening
My First Horror Movie: Silent Night Deadly Night
What Do You Want from a Horror Movie?
This or That: Dawn of the Dead '78 vs. Dawn of the Dead '04
Heavy Action: 10 Action Stars in Horror Movies
It Came from the '80s: Lifeforce
It Came from the '80s: Invaders from Mars
Movies I Love: The Funhouse
Movies I Love: Halloween 4: The Return of Michael Myers
Movies I Love: Hatchet
Movies I Love: Night of the Comet
Movies I Love: The Blob (1988)
Movies I Love: Night of the Creeps
Movies I Love: Terror Firmer
Movies I Love: Silver Bullet
Movies I Love: The Texas Chainsaw Massacre Part 2
Sh!#ting on the Classics: Stephen King Movies
Sh!#ting on the Classics: Friday the 13th
Sh!#ting on the Classics: Dark Shadows
Heath Holland on Horror and Belief
Heath Holland on My Heroes Have Always Been Slashers
Heath Holland on Is Psycho a Horror Movie?
Heath Holland on The Puppet Master Challenge
Heath Holland on A Rock 'n Roll Horror Double Feature
Mike on The Ward 
Adam Riske on Carnival of Souls
Adam Riske on The Conjuring
Director Essentials: Tobe Hooper
Director Essentials: Wes Craven
Director Essentials: John Carpenter
Director Essentials: George A. Romero
Director Essentials: David Cronenberg
Director Essentials: Peter Jackson
Director Essentials: Stuart Gordon
Director Essentials: Jackie Kong
Erich Asperschlager on The Baby
Mark Ahn on Hausu
Patrick on The Cabin in the Woods
Patrick on The Woman
Patrick on All the Boys Love Mandy Lane
Patrick on Tucker & Dale vs. Evil
Patrick on You're Next
Patrick on The Lords of Salem
Patrick on Dracula Prince of Darkness
Patrick on Frankenstein Created Woman
Patrick on Aftershock
Patrick on The ABCs of Death
Patrick on Chillerama
Patrick on Hatchet III
Drunk on Foolish Pleasures: The Blob (1958)
Drunk on Foolish Pleasures: Really Universal Horrors
Drunk on Foolish Pleasures: The Giant Gila Monster and Attack of the Puppet People
Drunk on Foolish Pleasures: Halloween Display
Drunk on Foolish Pleasures: White Zombie
Full Moon Fever: The Gingerdead Man
Full Moon Fever: Tourist Trap
Full Moon Fever: Subspecies 
Full Moon Fever: Dolls
Full Moon Fever: Castle Freak
Full Moon Fever: Bloodstone: Subspecies II
Full Moon Fever: Sorority Babes in the Slimeball Bowl-o-Rama
Full Moon Fever: Trophy Heads
Full Moon Fever: Demonic Toys
Full Moon Fever: Puppet Master
Full Moon Fever: Evil Bong 666
Full Moon Fever: The Creeps
Full Moon Fever: Puppet Master II
Full Moon Fever: Bleed
Full Moon Fever: Hideous!
Riske Business: Our Favorite Horror Anthology Segments
Riske Business: 10 Overrated Horror Movies
Riske Business: 10 Underrated Horror Movies
Riske Business: 10 Reasons I'm Fascinated by Satan's Little Helper
Riske Business: Why You Should Watch Pulse (Kairo)
Riske Business: Songs From Horror Movies I Love and Totally Should
Riske Business: More Songs From Horror Movies I Love and Totally Should
Riske Business: 10 Horror Movies I Thought Would Be Huge But Weren't ('90s Edition)
Riske Business: 10 More '90s Horror Movies I Thought Would Be Huge But Weren't
Riske Business: I Think I Love The Bye Bye Man
Heath Holland on Godzilla: The Showa Era
Heath Holland on Godzilla: The Heisei Era 
Heath Holland on Godzilla: The Millennium Era
Patrick on Stage Fright
Patrick on Willow Creek
Patrick on The Sacrament
Patrick on Dead Snow 2: Red vs. Dead
Patrick on Oculus
Patrick on The Purge: Anarchy
Patrick on Dario Argento's Dracula
Patrick on All Cheerleaders Die
Patrick on Almost Human
Patrick on WolfCop 
Patrick on Suburban Gothic
Adam Riske on As Above, So Below
Patrick on Leprechaun: Origins
Patrick on Starry Eyes
Patrick on Tusk
Adam Riske on Life After Beth
Adam Riske on Honeymoon
Melissa Uhrin on The Horrors of the Great White North
The Overlook: Wicked, Wicked
The Overlook: Jess Franco Double Feature
The Overlook: The Hole
The Overlook: Nightmare Castle
The Overlook: Horrible Horror
The Overlook: Monsters Crash the Pajama Party
The Overlook: BFI Horror Monographs
The Overlook: Daniel Roebuck Double Feature
There's Always Room for Giallo: Tenebrae
There's Always Room for Giallo: The Black Belly of the Tarantula
9 Exploding Heads in Horror Movies
9 Evil Plants in Horror Movies
12 Spooky Facts About Horror Movies
Heath Holland on Hammer Horror
Heath Holland on The Horror of Johnny Depp
Heath Holland on The State of Horror
Heath Holland on Santa's Slay
Heath Holland on Talking Horror with My Daughter
Heath Holland on The VHS Vault of Horror
Heath Holland on My Road to Universal Horror
Heath Holland on My Scary Movie Month Marathon 2015
Heath Holland on Monsters
Heath Holland on Alice Cooper at the Movies
Heath Holland on Sharing Horror With Your Kids
Heath Holland on Buffy the Vampire Slayer (1992)
Heath Holland on Monster Movie Makeup Men
Riske Business: The House of the Devil
Riske Business: 10 More Underrated Horror Movies
Riske Business: Five Horror Movies They Didn't Want Me to See
Riske Business: My 10 Favorite Horror Movies of the 2000s
Riske Business: Why You Should Watch Tales from the Darkside: The Movie
I'll Watch Anything!: Martyrs
I'll Watch Anything!: Inside (2007)
I'll Watch Anything!: The Monster of Piedras Blancas
Friday Firsts: Bad Taste
Friday Firsts: Black Christmas
Glutton for Punishment: The Deadly Bees
Glutton for Punishment: The Bees
Glutton for Punishment: Guyana: Cult of the Damned
Glutton for Punishment: The Swarm
Glutton for Punishment: The Death Kiss
Glutton for Punishment: Night of the Lepus
Glutton for Punishment: The Invisible Monster
Glutton for Punishment: War of the Colossal Beast
Glutton for Punishment: The Beast of Hollow Mountain
Cinema Bestius: The Bride of Frankenstein
Cinema Bestius: The Silence of the Lambs
Cinema Bestius: Psycho
Cinema Bestius: Jaws
Staying Positive: Freddy vs. Jason
Mark Ahn on Cronos
Melissa Uhrin on Horror Music
Melissa Uhrin on Scary Movies with Braaaains
Melissa Uhrin on Scary Clowns
Melissa Uhrin on What Lurks Below
Melissa Uhrin on Terrifying Children's Movies
Melissa Uhrin on Slip Slimery Slop
Meliss Uhrin on Stephen King
Melissa Uhrin on Christmas Horror
Melissa Uhrin on a Stephen King Double Feature
Melissa Uhrin on Animal Horror
Melissa Uhrin on Alien 3
Melissa Uhrin on Korean Horror
Adam Riske on Annabelle
Adam Riske on The Houses October Built
Adam Riske on Ouija
Adam Riske on Da Sweet Blood of Jesus
Adam Riske on The Lazarus Effect
Adam Riske on Unfriended
Adam Riske on The Gallows
Adam Riske on The Gift
Adam Riske on The Visit
Adam Riske on Knock Knock
Adam Riske on The Forest
Adam Riske on Body
Adam Riske on Hush
Adam Riske on The Conjuring 2
Adam Riske on The Shallows
Adam Riske on Lights Out
Adam Riske on Sun Choke
Adam Riske on Wishmaster: 19 Years Later
Adam Riske on Freddy's Dead: The Final Nightmare 25 Years Later
Adam Riske on Wish Upon
Adam Riske and Rob DiCristino on The Horror Characters They Identify With Most
Reserved Seating: Split
Reserved Seating: The Autopsy of Jane Doe
Reserved Seating: Colossal
Reserved Seating: The Mummy (2017)
Reserved Seating: Annabelle: Creation
Reserved Seating: Rob and Adam's First-Time Watches for Scary Movie Month
Erich Asperschlager on Session 9
Erich Asperschlager on Dead End Drive-in
Erich Asperschlager on Cat's Eye
Erich Asperschlager on Salem's Lot
Erich Asperschlager on IT (1990)
Erich Asperschlager on Looking Past Post-Horror
Cass Cannon on A Girl Walks Home Alone at Night
Cass Cannon on The Fly '58 & The Fly '86
Cass Cannon on Under the Skin
Cass Cannon on The Blackcoat's Daughter
Rob DiCristino on 10 Cloverfield Lane
Rob DiCristino on Restoration & Unhallowed Ground
Rob DiCristino on Hannibal Lecter on Film
Rob DiCristino on Morgan
Rob DiCristino on Jaws 2
A.M. Novak on A Nightmare on Elm Street 3: Dream Warriors
A.M. Novak on Dead Silence
A.M. Novak on Day of the Animals
A.M. Novak on Hellraiser
Alejandra Gonzalez on Anti-Valentine's Day Horror
Alejandra Gonzalez on Women Who Kill
Alejandra Gonzalez on The Love Witch and Season of the Witch
Second Comings: Dawn of the Dead
Second Comings: Carrie
Second Comings: The Hills Have Eyes
Scary Movie Month Double Features!
Patrick and Adam Riske on The 2015 Bruce Campbell Horror Film Festival
Patrick on the 2016 Bruce Campbell Horror Film Festival
Patrick's Favorite Horror Movies of 2016 So Far
Patrick on Fright Night Part 2
Patrick on The ABCs of Death 2
Patrick on Horns
Patrick on Housebound
Patrick on Extraterrestrial
Patrick on The Town That Dreaded Sundown (2014)
Patrick on See No Evil 2
Patrick on V/H/S: Viral
Patrick on Late Phases
Patrick on The Babadook
Patrick on Dark Summer
Patrick on GirlHouse
Patrick on It Follows
Patrick on Spring
Patrick on Maggie
Patrick on Satan's Blade
Patrick on It! The Terror from Beyond Space
Patrick on Poltergeist (2015)
Patrick on Insidious: Chapter 3
Patrick on We Are Still Here
Patrick on Burying the Ex
Patrick on Dude Bro Party Massacre III
Patrick on Cub
Patrick on Final Girl
Patrick on Shocker
Patrick on Contracted: Phase II
Patrick on Some Kind of Hate
Patrick on Cooties
Patrick on The Woods
Patrick on The Green Inferno
Patrick on Deathgasm
Patrick on The Final Girls
Patrick on Tales of Halloween
Patrick on Crimson Peak
Patrick on Killer Workout
Patrick on Krampus
Patrick on He Never Died
Patrick on Intruders
Patrick on Martyrs (2016)
Patrick on Nina Forever
Patrick on The Witch
Patrick on Southbound
Patrick on Emelie
Patrick on 10 Cloverfield Lane
Patrick on Darling
Patrick on The Invitation
Patrick on Holidays
Patrick on Bite
Patrick on Monsterland
Patrick on Cell
Patrick on The Neon Demon
Patrick on The Purge: Election Year
Patrick on The Mind's Eye
Patrick on Beyond the Gates
Patrick on Don't Breathe
Patrick on I Am Not a Serial Killer
Patrick on 31
Patrick on Blair Witch
Patrick on Plank Face
Patrick on Phantasm: Ravager
Patrick on Bubba the Redneck Werewolf
Patrick on The Rift
Patrick on Vamp
Patrick on Body Parts
Patrick on The Hills Have Eyes (1977)
Patrick on Special Effects
Patrick on The Initiation
Patrick on The Love Witch
Patrick on The Monster
Patrick on The Driller Killer
Patrick on The Barn
Patrick on Get Out
Patrick on XX
Patrick on Creepshow 2
Patrick on Psychomania
Patrick on We Are the Flesh
Patrick on The Belko Experiment
Patrick on House & House II: The Second Story
Patrick on Caltiki: The Immortal Monster
Patrick on Wolf Guy
Patrick on Brain Damage
Patrick on Madhouse (1981)
Patrick on 4K Suspiria
Patrick on Death Note
Patrick on The Slayer
Patrick on The Houses October Built 2

24 Hours of Movies: Creature Features!
24 Hours of Movies: Stephen King!
24 Hours of Movies: Shudder!

Our Favorite Moments in Horror Movies
Horror Movies We Shouldn't Like But Do
Our Least Favorite Horror Movies
Our Favorite Horror Sequels
Our Favorite Horror Franchises
Our Favorite Movie Monsters
Horror Movies We'd Like to Forget
Our Favorite Wes Craven Movies
Our Favorite George Romero Movies

Great Horror Performances: Anthony Perkins in Psycho
Great Horror Performances: Piper Laurie in Carrie
Great Horror Performances: Matthew Lillard in Scream
Great Horror Performances: Alex Vincent in Child's Play
Great Horror Performances: Kane Hodder as Jason Voorhees
Great Horror Performances: Brad Dourif in Halloween II
Great Horror Performances: Rosie Day and Pollyanna McIntosh
Great Horror Performances: Sara Paxton in The Innkeepers
Great Horror Performances: Anthony Hopkins in The Silence of the Lambs
Great Horror Performances: Ossie Davis in Bubba Ho-Tep
Great Horror Performances: George C. Scott in Exorcist III
Great Horror Performances: Alex Essoe in Starry Eyes
Great Horror Performances: Elle Fanning in Neon Demon
Great Horror Performances: Warwick Davis in Leprechaun
Great Horror Performances: Shauna Macdonald in The Descent
Great Horror Performances: Bradley Whitford and Richard Jenkins in Cabin in the Woods
Great Horror Performances: Kwak Do-won in The Wailing
Great Horror Performances: Stephen McHattie in Pontypool
Great Horror Performances: Fredric March in Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde
Great Horror Performances: Boris Karloff in The Bride of Frankenstein

Revisit the Scary Movie Challenge I
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  1. Will we get a place to discuss Blade Runner 2049? I'm so excited for SMM, but I have to say a Blade Runner sequel beats it out.

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. now that we can talk about it, i can say that Blade Runner is a very fine sequel. much better than what we would expect for such a thing. Denis Villeneuve clearly knows and love the original movie (even if he said he prefer the theatrical cut). though, i never liked Ryan Gosling, and this movie is not helping, but that's just me. other than that, some of the beats of the original movie are repeated, but that's to be expected.

      so as i said, it's a fine sequel to a movie that didn't need one.

  2. My eyes widened the further I scrolled. So excited for SMM 2017!

  3. YES. I could not be more excited about this. I honestly wish there weren't any type of movies being made but horror movies, so Scary Movie Month is the one month of the year where, for me, it feels like things are finally the way they ought to be. :)

    Just as a heads up to all you guys excited about the 4K restoration of Suspiria, specific Regal locations around the country will be doing showings of it this Monday as part of its month-long Horror Fest 2017 program; and tickets are only five bucks!! I can't imagine there will be a release as wide as this for the movie again (unless they include it in next years schedule, of course.)

    1. i'd love to see Suspiria on the big screen, but i'm in Montreal, Canada and it doesn't look like it's going to happen around here. that's too bad, we usually get these kind of screenings

    2. I imagine it's a bit of a haul from where you are, but there appear to be several Toronto-area screenings, according to Synapse's schedule.

    3. if i had a car i'd think about it. it is about 5-6 hours drive, i think.

    4. That's not fair, that it's showing in Kitchener and London, Ontario, but not in Ottawa or Montreal.

    5. You could always contact your local repertory theater and ask them to talk to Sypapse/Fox to arrange a screening! I imagine both companies are eager for any venue willing to do a showing to participate.

    6. You never know Kunider - I saw it in Halifax (albeit there was a programmer obsessed with the film so that had a lot to do with it) - hope you get a chance - it was fantastic!

    7. worst case, i'm getting the blu-ray anyway, so all is not lost

  4. yesterday i went to the used dvd store and got the blu-ray for Nightmare on Elm Street, which i saw years ago so i barely remember it. and i got Crimson Peak, which i never saw, but hear it's beautiful.

    and a couple of weeks ago i got House of 100 Corpses, which i also saw a long while ago, so i'm due for a re-watch.

    i'll probably add a rewatch of The Dark Crystal, because the Skeksis are scary as heck.

  5. I'm going to screen Martin and The Funhouse outside of my house this Sunday on the projector.

  6. Thank you for this wonderful resource! I've been going back and listening to old SMM podcasts (mostly massacre reports and franchise rundowns) and getting more and more excited about October!

  7. I can't believe it's almost here. That year flew by. I went for it last year. Watched the entire Nightmare series, Dead series, Texas Chainsaw series, Friday the 13th series, Child's Play series, and many more. It's hard to not go right back to some favorites, but I'm hoping to find some hidden gems this year, branch out into some new territory. Gotta represent some T Hoops, gotta have the family get together, I showed them Texas Chainsaw 2 last year, I think they're ready for The Funhouse! Friday V with F the Movie commentary is on the list, been waiting for that one. It's an exciting time, glad to be apart of it.

    1. Impressive bunch of movies there for last year! I'm sure you will have fun again :)

  8. I'm so happy that Xtro made the primer list as part of SMM which I feel it is.
    I will smile all week because of this. Thank you Patrick

    Ps I have a nice SMM surprise plotted. Activated. Realized. And in motion that will be revealed every very soon.
    Happy SMM everyone and I cant wait to have fun with you all in the comments

  9. Just in time for SMM, Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2 is coming to Amazon Prime in October.

  10. Anybody else planning on getting started right at midnight tonight?? :) I am AMPED!

    1. Oh yes. Got my first 4 picked out already. Tried and failed to take a nap today so I can make it to 6 am. Oh well. What are you starting with?

    2. Yup I'm in on the 12:00am tee off! Doubt I'll get in as many as E.S.A.D.D.. I'm thinking The Fog and Exorsist 3. Followed by something's less classic on SunDAY. Happy SMM!

  11. This is incredible! Thank you for this and all the great content!

    1. Gabby! Hope all is well. Happy SMM!

    2. Hey Cullen! I have been here, just been a bit quite in the comment section. I plan to be more like my vocal self again though! Hope all is well with you too, Happy SMM!

  12. Kicking it off with a mini marathon of sequels I never got around to:
    Hellraiser II: Hellbound
    Poltergeist II: The Other Side
    Phantasm II: Phantasm Harder

    I've heard mixed things about all 3 so hoping this isn't a big mistake!

  13. On my way to see Candyman last night, I relistened to the first Massacre podcast, which was great for so many reasons. For starters, it was also my first Massacre (which means that this year’s Music Box of Horrors will be my seventh. Jeez), but it was also great to hear of the “F! Horror Movies” challenge at “”. Oh, how much you guys have grown (started the following year on my way home and you guys talk about listener Heath Holland and meeting Adam Riske for the first time)!

    I left before Fright Night because my then-girlfriend was running the Chicago marathon and I had an obligation to watch her go by (before going back to her brother’s apartment, falling asleep on the parkway, and being woken up by a cop), but besides that, I stayed the whole time. However, I have zero recollection of Rabid even playing. Maybe I slept? I don’t know, but it was a surprise to me all these years later.

    Anyway, happy scary movie month!